Love, Movies and Reality



I love the movies, I love everything about movies. Good movies though. But one thing I hate about movies is that they create a false illusion of reality. Take the issue of love for example, it has taken various forms in countless movies, kids falling in love, enemies falling in love, aliens falling in love with humans e.t.c Movies make love seem blissful. Indian movies never fails to cook up love songs that just wanna make you sing along. Love for them is about music, NO NATION HAS MORE NAME FOR LOVE THAN THE INDIANS. They don’t kiss or smooch, but you fall in love with love watching Indian movies. Chiseled guys playing hero, leaping over fast moving cars all for love.

Then there’s the American movies. They tell love stories so well they make you want to fall in love. Their idea about love is carefree, it makes you want to fly, walk up to a girl and kiss her and she swoons and case closed she is yours. They make you wanna play THE KNIGHT IN SHINY ARMOUR. They tell you love is about sacrifice, selflessness and devotion, movies like The Notebook, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, P.S I love, Message in a bottle, these are a few of many great love stories and if you’re a hopeless romantic, then these movies you must love to watch for their portrayal of love is breathtaking.




But one thing these movies fail to tell you is, that heart wrenching pain you feel where you’re heart is, when a person doesn’t love you back. It fails to tell you how miserable it is being just friends with a person who is oblivious to your feelings or how unlike in the movies you can’t sweep a girl off her feet with a bunch of roses, that if you ain’t packing dough, you ain’t got no business falling in love! They don’t intimate you how love can go from making you wanna fly to making want to just kill yourself. Or how there just ain’t enough Romeos and Juliets for all of us, some of us would have to settle for the Orsenios. Movies never let you in on the little secret that love truly hurts like crap, especially when you’re trying to make someone know how good you are for them or how they COMPLETE you. Movies never tell you that lovemaking isn’t always as graceful as they are in the movies, how most times you are stuck with a partner who doesn’t know what fits where!




Love sucks, you must know that, as everything else on this earth, but that doesn’t take away its beauty. Real love doesn’t make you wanna fly, it keeps grounded. Real love isn’t blind, that just gets you injured and hurt. You have to open your eyes to savor every moment of the relationship. Why shut your eye to a good thing. Real love is hard work and takes a lot of commitment. You don’t cheat and come back on all fours and your partner forgives you. Love is awesome only if you don’t try to be a Romeo or a Juliet! Even a Jack or a Rose. Look what happened to the quartet, ROMEO AND JULIET DIED. JACK DIED AND ROSE HAD ANOTHER MAN’S BABY! All I am saying, make your own love stories, but model them not after movies or stories, but after your circumstance and environment. IN D’BANJ’S WORD: ‘DON’T GET IT TWISTED, LOVE’S A BEAUTIFUL THING’ IT’S DON…. Or sorry that one no join. Cheerio go fall in loved


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