The despicable rise in the rate of suicide among youths in Nigeria; a practise alien to us, has become almost fashionable, is alarming. Youth who are filled with life and have many things to look forward to, go ahead and take their own lives! Not only is it a sin, it is also a crime to humanity and it’s a sign of cowardice. What problem in this world do you think is peculiar to you alone? NONE! No matter how difficult your situation is, I can assure you that there is someone worse off. Suicide is not an option. Why bring so much pain, anger, shame and burden on the people you leave behind; your parents, siblings, friends and spouses! If you’re in a tight situation and your only thought is suicide, then you’re being a F**KING coward. Many people have gone through that sh*t you’re going through and are still living, maybe not a happy life, but as long as you draw breath and crave happiness, it will come to you,(happiness). What would make you want to take your own life? I pray I never find out or be in a situation where I would want to. We are human and fragile, but we have being known to come out of adversities stronger. Suicide is not an option! Think of how your mother’s heart will break a million ways, seeing you a child she nursed and breast fed, hanging from a rope, lying in the pool of your own blood, lying lifeless, your dreams and hers gone with the wind. Think of the tears that will be shed, think of the stigma you leave. Suicide is not an option! If you’re gay, so is elton john, if you’re poor, so are majority of Nigerians, if you flunked an exam, Bill gates was a dropout, school ain’t for everyone, you got AIDS, well there’s a cure! You’re a failure, well so am I, but you don’t c me hanging from a tree. All I am saying is suicide is not an option! If you ever feel like taking your life, talk to someone, call me, call anybody. Suicide ain’t an option. Not only is suicide a tasteless way to go, it’s a lot of punishment to put yourself through! It’s just not pretty, scattered brain matter, tongue out, pee stained trousers, crap in your pant! Suicide ain’t an option.


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