A Perfect Specimen

If logic follows that a thing is actually better than it’s prototype, then it would be fair to say that the woman is a better breed of man. Too often you hear men cry about how ominous a woman is and how deceitful and unforgiving she is, but I’m here to say; man made woman all she is today. The bible tells us, that in creating Eve, God put man to sleep, took out his ribs and fashioned out Eve. We all know God loves perfection and must have looked man over and wanted to make a woman all that he was not; truthful, beautiful, sensitive, caring, nurturing, perceptive and loving, among others. Haven’t you heard the saying that women are God’s image on earth? Women are the only being on earth capable of creating life. Eve was perfect the way she was, that she fell victim to the devil’s whim was because she wanted some thing better for Adam ( not her fault, it was the nurturing spirit in her ) But man; always domineering, wanted to mould woman to his own specifications and demands, sometimes this worked ( because women always want the best out of life and their men even if it meant enduring a few kinks on the way ). Man ever conquering, wanted to assert himself on woman and went to extremes to do so. Since it was a ‘man’s world’ woman had to bend to his every will.

But woman; beautiful as she is couldn’t sit back and watch her life been dictated by a man, who she probably was responsible for making what he was, became venomous, spiteful, deceitful and cruel. She took on for herself all man was and more, she became a master at a game man thought himself an expert in. And for centuries, men would continue to suffer and squirm at her feet. She used her charm to get all she wanted and her wrath to disperse of her enemies and those who dared to get in her way.

Now we ( man ) cry and complain about the wickedness of woman, forgetting that for years, they had had to endure worse from us.

Woman was perfect the way she was made, she was made to be loved, cherished, admired, worshiped, cared for and treated like a goddess, but man in his ineptitude wanted to dominate her and the end result is what we have today; stark, raving, mad angels, seeking vengeance and woe betide you if you are caught in their web.


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