mr perfect

Perfect, they say is over rated. But I say, they are wrong, why wouldn’t a person want to be a better version of what they already are? Or want a perfect life or an even perfect world? Is that so much to ask? I wish I was perfect. I want to be perfect, not for anyone, just for me. I crave perfection in everything and everyone, so why not me? I wish my hair was perfect, wish I had a perfect body, wish I had a perfect laugh or spoke perfectly. I wish I had the perfect family or the perfect friends. Wish I had the perfect grades or the perfect teachers. I had the perfect partner. Wish I could worship God perfectly or be His perfect servant. Wish I had a perfect life or even a perfect future. I wish a lot of things about me were perfect, but I have come to realize that it is my imperfections, that makes me PERFECT. So maybe it’s the imperfect me that you need to love and stop asking me to change.


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