From The Heart

I hate it when I have to leave your presence!

Cos when I am around you, my heart knows an unbound joy.

When I am with you, it’s like I am a lil boy again at christmas.

The sound of your laughter does things to my insides, akin to being on a roller coaster.

I think of kissing your pink lips.

Talking into the night with you.

I dream of days when I have to come home to you or wake up to you.

I wish I could serve you breakfast in bed or dinner by a candle light!


Maybe it’s all these crazy romance movies putting all these ideas in my head.


But I wanna be there for you.

I wanna be the one on whose chest you lie and tell your secrets.

I just wanna be that GUY for you.

You know, the one who makes you smile.

The one who makes you so mad and knows how to make you so happy.

The guy who 50 years from now still looks at you and says ‘damn I am so lucky’

That guy


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