Man where have the times gone?

•I miss the days of Akwa oche, clothes made from chair materials. No fuss about how tight a cloth was, just that it fit right.

• The days when we went to school, lined up and the head mistress and teachers inspect our nails and uniform and then we marched to our classrooms. School was fun we actually learnt something.

• The days of Computer Socks! You Remember na?

• The days of Nasco Biscuit, Trebor, Okin Round, Okin Four Corner, Goody-Goody and Kpako Biscuit. There were million treats, now if you ain’t talking shawama or Mr Bigg’s park well.

• The days of Sakobi the snake girl, Nneka the pretty serpent, Igodo, Living in bondage. Now those were movies, now Ghanaians have flooded our screens with soft porn!

• Chei i remember those days when one naira coin na money…when groundnut was 50 kobo and even a bottle of soft drink. Money had value then, with 20 naira you were made. Now it can’t even buy you biscuits!

• Days of karashika, who is in d garden, police and thief. We couldn’t wait to interact with our peers, joke and play. Now 2go, facebook are the only ground for interaction for teenagers+

•The days of na me be papa na u be mama play. That was the only time we dared be naughty. Mama was always that girl you liked.

• The days when we use to build houses with sand, usually after the first rain and many more after. Play ‘suwe’, ‘Tinco tinco’, ‘who is in the garden?’, ‘mr marcaroni’, ‘change your style’, pio pio pio and ten ten. There were millions and they were fun, we got to act like kids. God forbid you see a 10 year old playing suwe.

•Those days when we used to fly kite on streets, making cars outta tin, rolling tire, yeah loved doing that! Kids today ain’t got no creativity! Damn!!!

•Those days when rubber band was stock exchange. Remember cashew seeds?

•Days when Voltron, Jumbo, Super ted, G-force, Spider man, Captain planet, Jonny Quest, Swat cats, Sesame street and so many more. Nowadays cartoons are junk! Which one be Ben Ten?

• D days of Limca, Ginger ale, Soda water, Mirinda lemon and strawberry soft drinks.

•Black and white tv and sunday rendevous by 1:30pm and Tales by moonlight, Story land, kiddie vision 101. Now TV is all about politics and violence!

• When we say ‘leke leke give me white fingers. Man we were innocent and naïve! Now kids are born wise in everything!!!!

• Those days when Eleganza pen was d best. Bic was 2nd best, what happened to them?

•The days when we sing mama daddy oyoyo.

•The days were basket sandals, Bata and cotina shoes, Simbi and kitto sandals was the best.

•Days when we all sing ‘sandalili sandalili’ songs, ‘Oh my home’ at the top of our voices.

Sadly mobile phones and DSTV have come and kids no more have good old fun.
I’m really proud to have experienced all this……. if you’r nt smiling it means you were not born in my generation.

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