Music is from the Greek word ‘muse’ meaning to inspire

songs for the moment

songs for the moment

There is nothing like being alone in a room, your earphones plugged in, your eyes shut and travelling through time on the wings of various songs. Songs move you faster through time and place than any invented machine.
Songs, there are no languages as beautiful as them; voices laced with lyrics and rhythm. They transcend every known barrier; be it human or natural. Able to touch a person in a way no other human or words can.
Songs are as important as memories, because they ease a hurt or feed a flame. They keep you warm when your lonely and down, encompassing with their lyrics and rhythm.
Songs are magical, they can heal you, with their sweet whispers, it has the power to make you sad by re- collecting or make you happy by forgetting. They are as therapeutic as they are powerful. There are songs that make you wanna cry, songs that make you wanna laugh, those that make you wanna dance and forget or remember. Those that make wanna scream or act silly. Those that gives you strength and make you itch for a fight (Any song from Tupac would make you wanna do that)
There are those songs that remind you of people and moments you shared together and make you wanna re-live those moments for a bit.

‘I don’t wanna know’ – Uso Ogbuagu

‘Here without you’- Ted Njoku

‘Breathless’- Uju Agwuna

‘How do I breath’- Kech

Anything by the BOSS – Atom
Then there are those that take you back to those defining moments in your life and remember for a moment how it felt to be there:

‘Echo’ – got me through working at Chivita

‘Breath’ reminds of one naughty afternoon in the university.

And my favorite ‘Ten over Ten’ the song that wouldn’t stop playing in my head as I wrote my final paper.
Songs are good for the body, mind and soul. So what are you waiting for put on your headphone and get lost it a lyric.

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