my pain

my pain

My name is Ary Ora and I am an addict. I am addicted to a drug that has being the making of many men and the down fall of many.
I am addicted to a drug so powerful, even the most pious of men crave it! It is that powerful, that alluring! It is lethal as it is soothing, even more so, it’s no wonder more than half of the population of the earth yearn for it’s warm embrace.
I had my first of the said drug in 2003 and a girl opened my eyes to it’s powers. This drug is so powerful it can make you forget, so powerful it can make you remember! It has the ability to make you think you can perform heroic acts best left for movie star and special effects! I had my first taste in the summer of ’03 and I have been caught hook, line and sinker!
It was the most beautiful experience of my life till date! I had never been happier! The sun couldn’t have been any brighter and every song was amazing! Yes the drug made me see all that was good in the world and I loved it for it.
I was high as the sky as she gave me a constant supply of my poison! One look at me and you knew I was gone! I always wore that stupid grin, always sang a song, always danced; all symptoms of the drug!
I’d love to tell you I hated being high, but the truth is I loved every second of it. Sometimes I wish I’d have it again just to remember how it felt.
It made me feel alive, it made me feel fulfilled and appreciated!
I’d love to say I am sorry, that I am ashamed that about what my poison made me do, but I know tomorrow if given a chance I’ll fall for the caprice of my poison. Oh! Sweet release!!!!
I have been in and out of rehabs, but every time, I make a vow to stay clean, I always get that sweet temptation and wham!!!! I am back where I started! I have been hooked thrice and those times have been the best times of my life and I would never trade them for anything!
Why would I? It made me excel in every thing I put my mind to! It was that powerful! If you believed in it’s power, my poison would lift you to heights unknown to man! It made kings out of paupers and heroes out of cowards!
Yes it was more powerful than cocaine! More powerful than marijuana or any substance you could think of and it’s high lasted longer than most!
Yes I was addicted to a powerful substance indeed!
My poison had one severe back drop though! When your supply runs dry or is violently taken from you, it leaves you feeling forlorn, lonely and depressed! Many have being known to commit suicide because of withdrawal! Many have being known to act violently, others have been known to become a shell of themselves.
It harms you! As sweet as it powers are, it’s withdrawal can be triple that if you let it, if you don’t curb it!
Knowing this I have fallen for this poison twice more after my first time and each time it was beautiful and it’s withdrawal was even more devastating those times, worse with each addiction.
I have sworn off it, but yet I crave it like I crave the very air I breathe! I feel like nothing if I am not high on it! I feel so lonely and forgotten if I am not lost in its embrace! Oh I crave for it like it’s my life saver; maybe it is. I crave for it like my life depended on it. Yes it might seem like I haven’t learnt my lesson the last three times but what the heck, I am hooked and I am loving it. Yes I am.
My name is Ary Ora and I am addicted to love

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