Christian Bale

You can hardly recognize who it is until you see other pictures. That is Christian Bale the actor; famous especially for his role as Bruce Wayne in the Batman franchise. This is him in a 2004 movie ‘The Machinist’, where he plays a man suffering from insomnia.
To lose weight Bale starved himself for 4 months prior to the shooting of the film, allegedly his eating consisted of unsweetened coffee and an apple or a can of tuna(approximately 55-260 calories)
According to the DVD commentary,
he lost 28 kilograms (62 lb),
reducing his body mass to 54
kilograms (120 lb). Bale wanted to
go down to 45 kilograms (99 lb), but
the filmmakers would not let him
due to health concerns. He later
regained the mass, plus an
additional 27 kilograms (60 lb)
through weightlifting and proper
eating, in preparation for his role in
Batman Begins.
I wonder if our Nigerian actors would have this kind of dedication or make this kind of sacrifice. I wonder.


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