I was ashamed when I read this passionate letter written to Linda Ikeji by An Aishatu Ene Ella in defence of her dear friend Cynthia Udoka Osokogu.
Cynthia was declared missing weeks ago and when I came across the announcement, I like many Nigerians concluded she had gone on a sexcapade with her boyfriend or had had an accident on the way to see a boyfriend.
But it was revealed earlier today 21st august 2012, that she had met her demise at the hands of supposed friends, who she had met on facebook.
She didn’t go for a runs, instead she was murdered by her supposed business partner.
Here is the letter her friend wrote to defend her honor.(Culled from Linda Ikeji’s blog):

Cynthia in pink with her brothers
and sister in law…Cynthia right
Written By Aishatu Ene Ella
In the last few days I have
seen had my heart torn,
stripped and broken in pieces
first by the disappearance and
death of my Dearest friend and
secondly by the wickedness
exhibited by Nigerians, passing
judgment on someone they
never knew or met.
When She was officially
declared missing, we put up a
number online so people with
information can call and help
out, off over 500 calls we
received in 3 days, only 2 of
those calls were from people
who actually helped with
information, One was my Dear
friend Nuhu Kwajafa, The other
was the Area Commander who
called to inform us of the
arrest of the people.
The others were heartbreaking to
say this least, I wondered how her
mother would have coped if she
had to deal with silliness,
pettiness and undeserved hate
from strangers, who just took one
look at a lady and decided to judge
her based on her looks.
When The sad news of her death
broke, I made a comment and said
I hope ” all those who have
insisted she was with a man would
have their answer now and let her
rest in peace” how wrong I was,
They wouldn’t rest, they would
only go back and manufacture a
more hurtful and painful story,
formulate more rumors and pass it
around as facts, hmmm it is well. I
have no comments for hateful
people, I just want to share with
you the real Cynthia, and the
Cynthia we knew not the one who
hateful people have created in the
last few days.
Cynthia was born on 10th of
November 1987 to Gen Frank and
Joy- Rita Nkem Osokogu, Udoka
as her Mother named her, even as
a baby was a uniting factor in her
family. Her Mother had 3 boys
before her; she was the last baby
and only girl.
Her Parents had settled in Jos
where we were and still neighbors,
We became friends because in
those days there were only few
houses in the area. I was the last
child and so didn’t have a lot of
playmates my age, her brothers
were my mates and Cynthia as the
only girl didn’t have much friends
around the neighborhood either so
she tagged along when we had our
“adventures” and “yawo”.
Cynthia the Model and Business
2004 was one of the hardest
years for the Family I was raised
with in Jos, Cynthia and her Mom
was with me all the way. They
were there to comfort, assist,
cook etc.
She was a tall beautiful and
slender girl, we always teased her
because even at 13 she was taller
than me and the same height with
her brothers, she was a tomboy all
the way. Determined, stubborn
and focused. As she grew into her
height Her Mum and I playful
suggest she try modeling because
of her structure, Cynthia took it
seriously, even though her major
focus was education she gave
modeling a trial and did quiet well
as a model. In 2007, she got her
first major run way job and I will
never forget the day she called
me from Lagos after she had been
paid, she said she wouldn’t want to
waste the money and would buy
clothes and bring to school to sell.
The first badge of clothes never
made it to keffi as industrious
Cynthia who staying with her
brother during her visit at Air
force Quarters sold the clothes
to her brother, his colleagues and
their friends, she told me she
made 3 times her capital and
immediately re-invested, bought
more stock, came to Keffi and
rented a shop, that was the birth
of her Baby: “Dresscode”.
I remember I bought her the
forms to one of the national
competitions some years ago, she
passed the screening passed 2
stages and called me one day to
say she was asked to compromise
to get through the next round, I
told her to withdraw and she left.
That was in 2011S. She never
entered any major pageant after
When it came to business Cynthia
was midas, she knew when to make
a great sale, she was never at a
loss, her business grew from
strength to strength all this while
she was not even 21, @ 21 a lot of
the people who now make it a point
to formulate such hateful rumors
were still struggling to buy Jamb
Cynthia the Sister and
Cynthia was like the baby sister I
didnt have, She was my confidant,
stylist and a great comfort. We
shared a lot, tears, smiles, laughs,
joys ,sorrows and was always at
my service. She was greatly
involved in charity, anytime I sent
a text or posted a picture of
someone needing medical support,
I could count on Cynthia as one of
the first respondents. When she
was in Abuja, she would always
come and volunteer, run errands,
always with a smile. When I get to
Jos, she will be at the motor park
waiting, Thats if she doesnt pick
me up from Abuja. Not to forget
my person Stylist, she either
bought or chose most of my
clothes, most times my friend say
“you look nice” i tell them “ask
Cynthia oh, I have no idea what I
am wearing”. Style has never been
a strong point of mine, but if
Cynthia bought it or asked me to
buy it I knew it was good and
To her Mother, Cynthia was her
heart. Several times i will ask
Cynthia please dont go to Jos it is
volatile and she will reply me ”
Mumsy is alone at home”, or when
she is in Jos and there was a fight
I would call and ask her to leave
Jos and come and stay a few days
with me, she will say “I cant leave
Mumsy alone here now” . That was
our Cynthia, Others first.
When it was time to serve, while
others would work their service to
areas full of opportunity like
Abuja, Lagos and Porthacort,
Cynthia worked her service to
crisis ridden Jos to be close to
her Mother, Is that what a “runs
girl” does?
At age 24, Cynthia had a
successful business, and was
running a Post Graduate Program
in Public Administration, sadly
people will ignore all that and
choose to believe that because
she is pretty and Young she must
be a “Runsgirl”, how sad, we Judge
people by our own low and shabby
She earned every kobo she had by
good old hard work, Lets even
forget her Father supported her
financially but that didn’t turn her
to a spoilt brat she was as
determined as ever to make her
own mark and earn her own keep.
The world and people who have no
standards can stand afar and
Judge all they want but we know
who you are and we love you, we
don’t need to defend You My baby,
just setting the records straight.
The security Situation in our
country now is horrible at best,
people are kidnapped, robbed and
killed everyday, why is it so hard
to believe that a young girl was
killed while going to pursue her
legitimate business? If It was a
man who was killed would we have
come up with all these stories? If
it was an older woman or someone
not so attractive would we still?
Her crime is being, young, pretty
and a business woman. Hmmm,
People, Have the decency to let us
mourn in peace, please!
Aishatu Ene Ella

I will bring you a detailed account of her death.

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.



  1. Am so sad & filled with tears cause this timeline of cynthia’s death alone have really impact brave thoughts in me & mostly the world youth that life itself is a teacher to d world and dat we must learn from it.

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