Cynthia Udoka Osokogu was a nobody a couple of weeks ago, but in the last 24 hours, she has become the most popular Nigerian, posthumos, unfortunately! If her death has taught us anything, it is the menace that the social media is and is becoming.
Nowadays we have 2go, Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger; popularly called BBM, What’s app, to mention a few. And on these social networks you meet different sets of people.
Social media/networks were designed to meet people, unfortunately there’s no way to know who means well and who doesn’t!
We’ve heard stories of girls who have being raped when they went to meet people they met on the net. And unfortunately Cynthia met her death as she had gone to meet supposed business partners cum friends who she had met on Facebook. They lured her to a hotel, robbed her and killed her.
What was her crime? Trusting people she had met over the internet!
Something that was meant to bring people closer, broaden your horizon, has now being turned to an instrument to lure people to their woes!
Which brings to mind that which our parents told us as kids; ‘Never talk to strangers’
I guess all I am trying to say is be careful who you talk to and if you must meet anybody from the internet, please go with a friend. You never can be too careful.
Let this be a lesson to you, some people have sugar coated tongues, but very twisted minds.
“Please do not talk to strangers”.

Read about Cynthia death:

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