Dear child,

It’s daddy, I don’t know if you’re gonna be a boy or a girl; but secretly I wish you were a girl, I’m gonna call you Hilary, I hope you like that. If you’re a boy, it doesn’t matter, I am gonna love you the same.
I wish I could see what you look like, cos every time I see a picture of a baby, I think of you and wonder what you’d look like.
I haven’t met your mother yet; but for a while I thought I had but it wasn’t to be, so if you know her, tell her I said hi.
Things ain’t exactly looking up for me now, but I know it ain’t gonna last forever. I wanna give you everything, I didn’t have as a kid. I am gonna give you everything I ever wanted as a kid and you are gonna mean everything to me.
As I write this letter, I imagine what it would be like to hold you for the first time. That baby smell, the feel of your skin. I wonder what your first smile would be about, but I wanna be there to see it.
I wanna be there for every special moment in your life; your first step, first word, your first birthday. I am gonna make you my number one, my best friend. I am gonna love you with everything I have got and more.
So I guess the reason I am writing to you is to say be patient with me, I am gonna find your mom and we are gonna bring you into this world with all the love and protection you deserve, cos you’d be my best creation. I love you already, even if you’re still my dream. I love you, cos you’re apart of me.

PS. I can’t wait to hold you.

Forever yours



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