Sometime last week I had planned to write a piece on the seeming rise of acts of violence on the women folk especially in our country Nigeria. For days I racked my brain on how best to churn out my story without sounding like an over used radio. I was still prowling through the internet when I came across a piece titled: True life story!!! How married men drug and rape ladies (A must read) I decided to give it a read. I had expected to feel sympathy or pity for this supposed victim, suffice it to say all I felt after reading was anger and contempt.
Her name is Ify and this is an abridged version of her story:
She met a married man on BBM and she has being refusing his advances. One day while his wife is away in Turkey, he invites her to go clubbing with her and she accepts. They have a nice time and at the end of the night they retire to a hotel in Obalende. They do all sort of things, but do not have sex and for that she thinks he is a good man. (FYI she knows he is married)
In the morning he gives her 10,000 and puts her in a cab. For two weeks they don’t see each other because his wife is home, but they chat constantly and exchange nude pictures. He then opens a chat group for his married friends and her friends to meet.
Later he invites her and her friends to a beach party/cruise party. She is excited by the man and his friends’ affluence, the look of the beach house and the boat. Apparently this wasn’t her first cruise party and she was a student!
They get to drinking and partying and after a while, she is hit by a wave of dizziness and notices she has being drugged. The married man and his friends take turn having fun with them and later make way leaving them in their drugged state and a parting gift of 2000 each(there were 8 of them) for transport.
She later claimed that the experience ruined her CGPA and because of what happened to Cynthia recently decided to share her story, so girls will know how miserable, wicked, inhuman and heartless married men could be!
After reading this, first thought that came to my mind was ‘dumb bitch!!! She can’t even spell’

How is it that some girls of this generation think that they can eat their cake and still have it?! How can a guy ask you out and you know in your mind that you are never gonna accept his proposal and you still wanna take him for a ride. You want to ‘catch some fun’ with him. You have found a ‘mugu’ and you must milk him for every dime but you are NEVER gonna lay with him! He treats you like a girlfriend and you treat him like an ATM machine. And when he decides to extract his pound of flesh, you cry foul and claim the ‘victim’ shouting ‘All men are evil’ YOUR FATHER!!

2. How is it that some girls are dumb enough to sleep with a married man and expect that no one will sleep with their husbands in the future.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t make any excuse for any vile man out there. Any man who steps out of his matrimonial home is a BIG FOOL. But like the Ibo adage goes: ‘nghi ji mma, jide jii’; ‘You are with the knife and also with the yam’. This simply means when it comes to sex, women hold all the power. But because of this lust for quick money and living a life way beyond your means, sex or an implication of it has turned to a viable tool of trade.
God help my generation!
What vexed me about the whole thing was that the ‘idiot’ had the guts to liken her situation to the late Cynthia’s.
Bitch, Cynthia’s crime was she trusted too much, yours was that you were monumentally stupid!
I think I am ranting and beginning not to make sense, so I stop here. And if I offend anybody with this piece, sorry just adjust your life.
Here is a link to her full story:


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