Matthew 18-7 says:
“Woe to the world because of the
things that cause people to sin!
Such things must come, but woe to
the man through whom they come!
Woe on to my generation, woe on to the children of the jet age, woe onto the women of my generation! For we are indeed a cursed and damned generation.

We are a victims of the caprices of technology, for how else can explain the incessant immorality made popular by the camera phone and the social media. Technology was meant to make life easier, it was meant to help man and his environment adapt to each other. But as with everything with advantages, it has its damning disadvantages!

Some will say that this is sexist, a form of feminine bashing but I beg to differ for it is just the way it is.
I remember a long time ago, I was watching a music video with my mom and said something that was funny at the time but looking at it now was so true and so….. I can’t find an appropriate word, you fill it in. She said: ‘How come these girls in this video are almost naked and the guys are fully clothed?’

So to my point, what is wrong with the girls of this generation? What is it they find amusing in self degradation? When did nudity and immorality become a factor of knowing the cool chicks?

So many times I have seen photos of nude girls in various stages on nudity on camera phones! And I am not talking of Americans, NO! I am talking of full blooded Nigerian girls.

Even in the various social media you see girls flaunt that which is termed ‘private’ for all to see even without bothering to hide their faces! Without the fear of being discovered!, and that could be someone’s future wife?! CHUKWU JUkWA!!!!

It’s now common place to see videos of girls having sex with their boyfriends or sometimes with other girls on the net or phones. FYI if a guy loves you why would he want a naked video of you? What is he a CSI agent looking for evidence? And in most cases these guys manage to hide their faces and you see only the girl’s! WTF

Saw this video of an obviously beautiful girl, nude and teaching ‘us’ how to shower; don’t deny it you have seen it too. Point is while she fooled herself in front of the camera, her fully clothed friends filmed her and before you know it, the video went viral. Who knows her father or brother or even a suitor might see it and she will then shout ‘Oh devil’ SHUT UP!!!

The social media has done more harm than good to our generation. Oh go ye to twitter and instagram and see the rot there! She young girls exposing their body for fun. If it was for money, you would have called her a ‘hoe’ but what do you call someone who does it for fun?
How do you justify these acts of immorality? You send a guy your nude pix and he rebroadcast, retweets them for the WHOLE world to see! That is more than a billion. Exposing your ‘treasures’ to the world! Why bother wearing clothing, you should just walk around naked, since you have sold your shame and self dignity at the main market Onitsha.

Oh my cursed generation, I thought I had seen it all, till this morning I came onto a picture of a girl who tweetted a pix of her aborted kid! She had just aborted a kid and posted it on the net! CHINEKE!!!! What is this? What is the world coming to? That a person does not have respect for the sanctity of lifeor the repercussions of their actions?! Flaunting your indiscretion to the world; an that’s an understatement.
People who are called ‘gods’ on earth are nothing but stupid figurines with fish brains!

How the west has destroyed completely our cultures and traditions! We strive so had to be like them and have lost our own identities in the process !

What is happening to the women of my generation, who model their lives after Kim Kardashian and forget to follow the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey and Linda Ikeji. Who want to dress like Lady Gaga and expect to be treated like Princess Diana.

Sometimes I see these girls and I think, ‘no wonder they are called fish brain’. Following the trend, whether it is good or bad! You use a BB not because you need it, but because it’s the ‘in thing’. Your friend’s boyfriend just bought her an I-phone 4 and you must get yours at all cost.

Oh my cursed generation of divas and models with little regard for professors and doctors.
Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a few good girls out there, but the majority of bad ones out there are making you all look really bad.

I have sisters at home and woe betide anyone of them who ventures into this life of vultures and sheep.

Woe is you, woman of my generation. Woe is you.

aborted baby pix via twitter

aborted baby pix via twitter

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