just friends

just friends

I was having this conversation with a female friend and it turned into a heated argument. And you wouldn’t believe what we were arguing about! Whether it was possible for a man and a woman to be JUST friends. Well I totally disagreed, while she stressed that it was very possible, pointing to the fact that she and I were just friends. For the sake of argument let me say that being ‘just friends’ with a person means being able to look at the person as of the same sex, no attractions, no feelings, no complications. Just one being, being friends with another.
Well I told her that a man and woman could only be friends if:

1. IF THEY ARE BOTH SEEING SOMEONE ELSE. And even that is not even enough reason not to go beyond the realm of friendship.

2. IF ONE OR BOTH OF THEM IS MARRIED. But marriage has never being a excuse not to cheat. I am just saying.

3. IF ONE OR BOTH OF THEM IS GAY. Even gay guys sometimes experiment. But if you’re chronic gay, that’s a no, no.

4. IF THE GUY OR GIRL IS NOT YOUR TYPE. For those who have types, but FYI conji no get type. And I didn’t want to use word ‘ugly’ here, because I believe no one is really ugly. Ugly is in the heart.

5. IF YOU ARE JUST FRESH OUT OF A BREAK UP. But then again who best to have a rebound with than a dear friend.

Okay this are my exceptions, I don’t know about yours. But simply put, a man and woman can never be just friends. Even if you pretend to want to be ‘just’ friends, there comes a time when you start to look at them as more than just friends.
I mean it goes against everything nature stands for. Men and women were meant to be lovers not friends. That’s why he carries a rod and the woman a pot.
Believe me, that girl or guy who you think is just your friend MUST have one day imagined what it would be like to kiss you or hold you. I am a guy and I don’t sit and imagine what it would be like to kiss my male friends. Ewww!
It’s either one of these exceptions or their equipment is not working right.
Ask yourself this, if I strip naked now would he or she feel naked or threatened? Or let’s make it more fun, change your clothes in front of them, haba you’re just friends, there’s no need to be shy.

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3 thoughts on “JUST FRIENDS

  1. Wow! Nice one skelo…..FYI! U n I are still just friends though ur eyes stray most times to what’s been fixed on my chest by nature…..lol

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