‘We found nothing in the room sir, just this’ the sergeant said to inspector Chuba who was standing in the doorway of the apartment. Inspector Chuba walked forlornly into the one room apartment, his schooled eyes taking in every single detail. The apartment was cozy, just like every other room on campus. It had the careful touch of a woman but with a carefree tinge to it. The kind of place one wouldn’t have a qualm leaving in a heartbeat. It was sparsely furnished, comfortable but lacking a soul.
Inspector Chuba stood in the middle of the room seething with rage, for six month he had trailed this deadly killer and when it seemed like he had her in his grasp, she slips away. ‘Black mamba’ as she had being nicknamed by the police had left a trail of bodies in her wake, causing such havoc in a town that was once relatively quiet and disappearing into the wind from whence she came.
His eye fell on the hard cover note the sergeant had handed him; a diary. Her diary. Why would she be careless now? Black mamba had being meticulous to a fault in killing her preys and the police had only caught her scent on an off chance and it was unlike her to be careless enough to leave her diary behind. His seasoned sense told him, it wasn’t carelessness, it was a message. Black mamba was finally reaching out.
He perched on the edge of the bed at the corner of the room and flipped open the first page. Her writing was neat, a testimony of her meticulous nature, he adjusted his glasses and began to read:

CHAPTER ONE: superintendent Bello

For weeks I had prepared for this moment. I had tracked him, I studied him. That’s how I knew he would be at the club tonight. I knew practically everything about the man, following him was so easy. It was like following the proverbial crumbs. Maybe it was because he was a cop and life had become fairly routine for him.
I knew all there was to know about him from the clothe he wore, down to the type of women he liked.. That’s why I knew I’d be a hit with him. I adjusted my full breast under my strapless gown. I had taken time to pick my attire tonight. Each picked to provide and enhance a glimpse of what they covered.
I strolled slowly towards the bar where he was seated sipping his glass of Red Label; his drink of choice, aware of the many eyes following my every step.
‘A bottle of Smirnoff ice please’ I cooed to the bartender.
‘Right away’ he replied curtly.
I sat just away from the man, my target; superintendent Bello.
‘Hello young lady’ Bello said in a voice that had me wishing the night was over already. He placed his cold, clammy hands on my lap. I had this compulsion to hit it away! God! I hated this man, he would cringe with fear if he knew how much.
But I smiled and replied; ‘Hello, I am Jessica.’
‘I am Bello. Superintendent Bello’ he added as if it meant anything to me. ‘You don’t seem like a regular here?’
‘Yeah, actually this is my first time here.’
‘Wow, then you’re in luck. I happen to be the king of dance hall here. Let me be your guard for tonight’
I giggled and battered my eyes; ‘Oh, I will love that’ I ran a hand down his thigh and could notice his thing start to awaken. The bastard.
We chatted or more like he chatted for about 20 minutes, mostly about himself before I politely interrupted him. ‘I will love us to continue this discussion else where, the club scene ain’t really my thing. Do you have a room in the hotel?’ I could see my question caught him off guard.
After a moment of hesitation, he answered; ‘Yes, I sure do. It’s room 205.’ He grinned sheepishly, his eyes twinkling of mischief.
‘Go there and wait for me, I will join you in 10 minutes.’
He bolted as soon as I said that. I waited 15 minutes before I left. I wanted it so that when people started asking questions, they’d say they saw him chatting up an attractive girl and later leave. The lighting was poor, so there was no way anyone could identify me even in a line up. No one could connect me and him.
He jumped me immediately I stepped into the room, groping me, fondling my breast and placing wet kisses anywhere there was a naked skin.
‘Cool down Bello’ I told him through the bile rising in my throat. ‘I am all yours tonight. First off bring us a glass of wine and then shower and we are good to go’
‘Oh yes my darling, my angel. Your wish is my command.’ To think this idiot had three wives and kids at home.
Our drinks were brought and he promptly went into the bathroom to shower, I got down to work. I poured a generous amount of the poison I had extracted from my purse into his glass, stirred it and proceeded to strip. He was out of the bathroom before I could say Ben Johnson and he was nude, the antenna of his desire at full signal.
‘Drink up Bello, the night is young.’ He swallowed the content of his glass in one gulp and pounced on me sloshing some of my wine. He reeked of alcohol and he was groping me clumsily and at that moment I started to regret coming to his room. I started to doubt if I could go through with it, I hated him touching me, violating me like this. Oh God!!!!
I wanted to push him away and run screaming from the room, then all of a sudden he froze on top of me, grabbed his chest and started breathing heavily. The poison was taking effect. I pushed him off me and watched him fall to the floor, looking to me for help.
‘I know you might not know me, but there is no need to. But I am here tonight to repay a debt owed. I am here to collect my pound of flesh you bastard.’ I lashed out at him with a kick to his privates. I watched as he doubled over not sure which pain to focus on. The one in his chest or the one in his groin.
I went to my bag and retrieved the axe I had in it. I knelt over him, looked him in the eye; eyes bewildered, begging for mercy and bashed his head in with it. I kept hitting till writhed and he stopped moving. Then I slowly and meticulously chopped off his right hand and stuffed it in his mouth, along with a piece of paper I had brought with me.
I stood over his lifeless body, my hand still gripping the blood soaked axe tightly. I had made a mess and in that I had sent out a message to my other targets. I proceeded to wipe the room down of any evidence that I was in the room. I wiped myself with a paper towel after which I put it in my bag and gently slipped out of the room.
Nobody had seen me enter and I had made sure to avoid all the CCTV cameras as I had entered and as I left. I smiled as imagined the face of the hotel maid who would go to clean that room in the morning. Oh how I would love to see the look on her face, what a rush!
Now I had to plan my next kill, because this one was such an adrenaline rush. I didn’t believe I would go through with it. It had to be done. It just had to be done.
I walked into the chilly night feeling like a new born, feeling like I had found my true purpose. I was born to do this. I was born to kill.


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