A couple of month’s ago the social network went MAD with messages about a movie that was to be released depicting Jesus and his apostles as homosexuals, well it appears to be a hoax but there actually was a play of same name by a Terence Mcnally. The play generated a lot of criticisms and protest. But no civil action or harm was meted out to Terence or his production company and I am certain that most of you are reading this for the first time.
That’s the difference between Christianity and Islam. While Christians tend to be more liberal and flexible about their religions and beliefs, Islam is more conservative and rigid. This would explain the seeming strictness of Islam.
Over the week a movie was released that depicted the prophet Muhammed as a womanizer and a child beater, the movie was made in the U.S. While I supported the worldwide protest; as America tends to be too liberal about everything, without regards or respect for anything, I was totally against the violence that followed their protest.
Why is it that Islam seems to promote violence? Why is it that the learned scholars fail to advice their followers to not interpret the Holy Koran quite literally? Must Islam always be synonymous with violence?
There are a lot of parallels with the Koran and the bible, but that’s where the similarities ends. Sometimes I wish Christians followed the Bible and Christianity as tenaciously as the Muslims do. But I also wish to see a day when Muslim will stop pushing themselves on the rest of the world or the day they would embrace the dialogue instead of the gun.
Why must religion be practised with the shed of human blood, all religious leaders must endeavor to pass the message of peace to their followers, because whether we like it or not we need each other. And when the end comes it won’t matter who you served but what you did?
Let’s respect that which others deem holy, respect that which others deem sacred.
Let’s embrace peace, let’s embrace one another. Violence begets violence.
Let’s embrace religious tolerance.

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