I woke up with a start, sweat running all over me like a stream. I had just had a nightmare; something that wasn’t new to me, as I had been having them for the past year. Yes I have being having the same nightmares for years. Nightmares filled with the same eerily screams, guttural laughs of masked faces, blurry images crying for help and of pain.
But tonight’s nightmare had a certain twist to it, I saw Bello, I heard his muffled scream, I saw the plea in his eyes as I stood over him, the realization that he was going to die. The look of horror as the first blow landed on his head.
My body were clammy, my heart was ramming violently against my rib cage, I couldn’t breath. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, tried to think happy thoughts; but I hadn’t being happy in like forever and there wasn’t much to draw from. But I needed to relax, I needed to clear my head, so I let my head go blank, no thoughts, no feelings, just an empty black oblivion. As my heart steadied, I rose from the bed and went to seat at my dresser. It’s funny how a year can go by and a person would still look the same. I still looked like the same from the girl I used to be last year, only this time I had added murderer to my list of achievements.
I mouthed ‘murderer’ to the image in the mirror and it mouthed it back to me and I swear there was scorn in her countenance. I looked away from the mirror and tried to focus on the events of the day.
I had been three weeks since I killed Sergeant Bello and all the raucous raised by his death had begun to ebb. The police were as yet unable to name any suspects, to the ire of the Inspector General of police who had being mad that a high ranking police officer had being killed and the police had yet to apprehend anybody.
In the last three weeks after my first kill, I had begun my sojourn towards my main mission. For days I had wondered what my ‘in’ would be. FYI an ‘in’ in poker is what buys a player into a game, that said let me continue. I had being worried as my next targets were not easy to get close to and I had to be really close to be able to make my move. I was almost giving up when I bumped into my ‘in’; Ifeoma, a third year student of Mass Communication and a girlfriend to one of my targets.
I had always seen her hang around with Kevin one of the group of five I had my eye on. She stuck to him like a fly, always with him anywhere he went as if her life force depended on him. That day in the school cafeteria, she had being alone; thank goodness. She was seated in a corner away alone with her meal.
I walked up to her with my tray of food; ‘Hello, I am Jane, I love your jacket, where did you get it?’
‘Oh thanks, I bought it from a boutique in Lag.’ She replied sweetly, ‘would you like to join me?’
I was a little bit taken aback as I had expected a cold shoulder. She was one of the schools ‘big girls’ and they didn’t make friends easily. I sat down and we started talking about everything and nothing. We talked for a long time during which I realized that in a different time Ifeoma and I could have being good friends but it wasn’t. Here she was just what I needed to get to my goal. I felt guilty taking advantage of her, but I had no choice.
‘Some friends and I are getting together at the weekend, I’d like for you to come join us. I promise it would be fun.’ She added.
I pretended to hesitate and finally said, ‘Okay, I will.’ Wow I could not believe my luck, here I was been offered and ‘in’ that I had racked my head for days for.

A ‘get together’ was an understatement, the place was wild. There were people everywhere in different stages of drunkenness and highness, music was blaring from a large speaker somewhere in the room and many were dancing to it’s ragged tunes. The house was stuffy with smoke fumes and human scent. This was a gathering of the who is who of the famous ‘Red’ confratenity, everybody there had an item of red or the other on them to show they belonged, as it turned out I was the odd duck in my short white gown.
‘Let me introduce you to my friends.’ Ifeoma said leading further into the house. She was looking dapper in her red T-shirt and figure hugging jeans, definitely a head turner. Hard to imagine what she was doing with this crowd.
Ifeoma led me to a room slightly away from the others, it was dimly lit and when I let my eyes adjust to the room, I could make out figures, people. These was obviously the VIPs, this room was better ventilated and there were lesser people crammed into it than the others and the music here was turned down such that one could speak and be heard..
I did a double take when Ifeoma introduced to her boyfriend; Kevin. The second name on my list and I looked around again with eyes that had fully adjusted to the lights and to my surprise all around me were my targets. Every single name on my list was in this room. I could detonate a bomb here and it would save myself the trouble of having to make carefully laid out plans.
They were all here oblivious to the danger I posed them, if only they knew. I felt rage boil inside of me that the same group of people who had changed the course of my life were in the same room as me and didn’t even recognize me. I felt my hand begin to tremble and had to reassure myself that it did me no good losing control now.
I was so lost in my thoughts, that I didn’t hear Kevin introduce himself to me. I was cut out of my thoughts when Ifeoma gave me a slight nudge.
‘Oh I am sorry, what is it?’ I said genuinely surprised.
‘…..My boyfriend Kevin and Kevin this is my friend Jane.’
Extending a hand out to me, he said; ‘Nice to meet you, why not feel free to mingle. My friends and I don’t bite.’ He said flashing a smile that I know in his mind he thought was cute. He won’t be smiling for long I thought to myself.
I managed a smile and went to seat in a chair he offered me. Seated I looked around at each face registering them to memory. It wasn’t going to be easy going through this bunch but I was gonna have a lot of fun trying.

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Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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