Well in this time of great unrest between the different tribal and religious factions in the country, I came across a startling fact that will amaze you!

Do You know that the Town Kwankwaso in Kano
State, the Home of the State Governor, Dr Rabiu
Musa Kwankwaso was founded by an Igbo Trader, Mr
Okonkwo about 90years ago?

The Story.
An Igbo trader called Mr. Okonkwo found a convenient
farm gate site along the railway track leading to Kano
where he could buy, thresh and mill groundnut. He set
up his thresher and mill and erected a signboard reading
started getting patronage from neighbouring villagers
and farmers who found it convenient for trade
because of proximity to the railway. With time, the
spot became lively with business activities and people
started erecting huts and market stalls.
By this time, OKONKWO AND SONS was being
pronounced “Kwakwason” by the locals. Thus a famer
or people from neighbouring settlements would say “I
am going over to kwankwason to thresh my
So it was that the town of KWANKWASO
established. There is nobody born over 90years ago
who would claim he was born in Kwankwaso.

Written by Danjuma Azemobo Musa [via Elombah

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