I was in and I was in tight. I had become a fabric of the group, I was being invited to their parties and gatherings. I had gained their trust and everyone seemed to have warmed up to me, everybody expect Femi. Femi as I had learnt was a general; a ‘point one’ as he was referred to by his ‘brothers’. A point one’s job was to do the dirty jobs of the fraternity, the fraternity’s hitman and they were known to be ruthless almost without a heart.
Yes Femi was ruthless, heartless and very suspicious; a quirk of his job I guess. But that was dangerous for me, very dangerous, if I was found out now that I was this close there was no telling what they would do to me.
From that night when Ifeoma had brought me to that party, Femi had being cold towards me and he didn’t pretend to hide it. He had walked up to me, face all riddled up in suspicion and said; ‘Do I know you from somewhere?’
‘Maybe,’ I said feigning nonchalance but quaking like a christmas goat inside; ‘we are in same school and you know the university is not as big as you think’ I added.
‘No it’s not that, I am very sure we have had something transpire between us.’ He said, his forehead knotted in thought. ‘I am very sure it’s not just a ‘waka pass’ thing.’
He then went into a tirade asking me personal questions; which I did well to answer. Like where I lived, what course I read and what not. When he was done with his twenty questions, I could tell he was not still convinced.
‘Are you are prostitute?’ He asked matter of factly.
I was offended by the question and shocked and I let him see his question didn’t sit down well with me. ‘Do I look like I am one?!’
‘I am sorry, it’s just that I know for certain we have had some kind of dealings in the past.’ He continued peering at me curiously.
‘I am sorry to disappoint you, this is the first time I am seeing any of you.’
He was about going to enter another barrage of questions, but for the intervention of Ifeoma, who came and led me away.
‘Hey I was talking to her now!’ Femi protested.
‘Go and talk to your girlfriend, leave her alone.!’ Ifeoma retorted not looking back, a slight hint of irritation in her voice.
My heart was doing a Hussein Bolt in my chest, Femi was really dangerous and had to be avoided at all cost. I was certain that despite all my pain staking attempt to change my looks, if given the chance Femi would decipher who I was! That couldn’t happen, I wouldn’t allow it, not when I had a lot to lose. Definitely one to watch out for.
I thought Femi was trouble enough I was soon to find out my week was getting no better. I was walking home from school one day, after hours of long lectures and needed to go lie down. The sun was high up in the sky and the fact that there was no bus had me piqued, I grudgingly walked home with the hope I’d find a bus on the way.
It was while I was at it that a felt someone tap me from behind. I spurn around about to rain my wrath on the idiot who chose this hot hell of an afternoon to try to pick up a girl, but I stood frozen to the ground, expecting it to open up and eat me up!
‘Sarah? Wow longest time!’
Nobody had called me Sarah in a long while. In fact I hadn’t seen this face in more than four years! This was a big problem, a really big problem! I had to do something or all my hard work would come to naught.
‘I don’t know what you are talking of, my name is not Sarah.’
‘Hey Sarah it’s me Chuba.’ He said confused.
‘Hey oga, if you don’t have a better use of your time please I do and I really need to get out of this friggin sun. So if you don’t mind.’ I said rudely just to throw him off.
Confused but still determined, he asked. ‘Is this some kind of a game or something? Chuba your next door neighbor at Apple Boulevard?! We dated in secondary school for six months?!!’
‘Like I said you are confusing me for someone else. I have never lived in Apple Boulevard and being called your girlfriend is the worst title anyone could ever give me! Please I gotta go.’ That got him, I saw him shrink back and he made no move to stop me as I continued on.
Luckily for me a bus stop and I got on. I stole a glance at him still standing there, a bewildered look on his pained face. I felt sorry for him.
Truth is I knew Chuba Alor. How could I forget him? He was my first love, your typical boy next door, we were inseparable. Chuba with those dreamy eyes you could just get lost in. I loved him and he loved me and I had even imagined getting married to him, giving birth to his kids. It was the best six months of my life and later when we both had to head to different ends of the country to further our studies, we had promised we would keep in touch but deep down we knew our fling had run its course. Chuba represented a chance to reconnect with life again, a chance to be happy. Something that was lacking in my life. Under a different circumstance I would have being psyched to see Chuba, but right now under this circumstance, he was a risk I was unwilling to take not with Femi lurking around watching my every move.
Chuba’s appearance could clog my plans or even worst put himself in harm’s way. I knew what I was getting into, he didn’t. I was prepared for any fallout from this path I had chosen, but I wasn’t willing to make anybody a collateral damage. I had to get rid of him one way or the other.
Seeing Chuba had brought back a flood of memories I had long ago shelved in the deepest recess of my mind. Of happier and rosier times. Of a time when life held meaning and I had other purposes that wasn’t hinged on revenge and pain. Of family dinners and a house filled with cheerful laughter and happy people. But that was a long time ago, now all I felt was pain, anger and a raging need for revenge.
As the bus cruised along the bumpy road, I let myself relax a bit and drift off knowing in my mind I hadn’t seeing the last of Chuba.

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Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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