In the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s it was typical to find a woman slaving away in the kitchen, that was where man saw her that was where the world put her and she was content been there, content with the title wife.
But the 21 century blew all that out of the water, women were no longer content with her place in the kitchen, she could shape her home from the kitchen, but she needed to shape the world and she couldn’t do that from the kitchen.
‘It is a man’s world’ was an popular song in the 40’s and the world believed it so, but that notion has being corrected, as the woman has made great strides to match up to her male counter parts in every facets of life. Playing the same roles he played in the world and in the home. Woman was no longer content with the laudable title ‘wife’ she wanted to attach other equally laudable titles as professor, engineer, doctor, bread winner, governor, C.E.O to measure up to her greatest rival; the man. Who knowing her potential had her locked away in the kitchen for fear of competition.

Then rose Oprah Winfrey, Dora Akunyili, Margaret Thatcher, Linda Ikeji, Chimamanda Adiche, you name them. The revolution had started. These women knew their places in the world and it was not slaving all day in the kitchen and all night in bed. Out shining the many men who before had held those positions she now held.

Well sadly it seems the women of my generation are reverting to the kitchen! After being liberated, the woman of my generation is rushing back to the kitchen, content with the title ‘wife’; which isn’t a terrible thing don’t get me wrong, but the world is changing and so must she. But the truth is nobody really remembers a good wife after she is gone. A lot of girls think marriage defines them, actually I don’t blame them, that’s how our society sees it. After a certain age, society starts looking at a girl funny for not being married!

The woman of my generation is busy singing ‘You must chop my money’ content to be dependent on her man, content to be called wife. Her certificate buried under layers of Hollandis and George.
We are in a jet age now and women hold very important roles in the world today. As admirable as been called wife is, having a life independent of your husband and kids is worth it.
You think the FOI bill, (freedom of information bill) would have being passed if Abike Dabiri hadn’t motioned it? Or do you think the wind shield, bullet proof vest and laser printer would be in existence if the women who invented them decided to relegate themselves to the title wife?

There are many powerful women in the world and many of them also hold the title wife, but they all have a life independent of their families.

All I am saying is that the woman of my generation needs to break free of the shackle of the title ‘wife’ and make something out of themselves. Use your degrees as a tool or weapon not as decoration. Step out of the kitchen and breath in the air of the outside world.
Break the reins of dependence on men and find yourselves stand on equal ground as them.


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