ImageXWhat happens when love goes sour? I have time without number come across stories; most of the time not good, where a scorned lover rains his or her wrath on their supposed lover. Love is suppose to be happy, joyful and sweet, but given that nowadays people go into relationship for all sort of reasons, except love itself, but surprising enough, they call their whatever love.

You enter a relationship cause of sex, financial security, social security e.t.c 

We all know nothing in this world last forever, and love no matter how movies and books paint it, is included. Yes people fall in love and spend the rest of their days together, but these are a very few minority.

But love is more than just sex, more than how a person makes you feel. It’s about sacrifice, dedication and flexibility. These are the hallmarks of Love. At least that’s what I think.

When you love a person and they don’t love you back, you move on. You don’t make them love you back, cos you can’t! You don’t punish them for not loving you back.

If a person cheats on you, you either forgive them and move on or you leave them because they don’t deserve you. Anybody who cheats on you doesn’t deserve you, if they loved you, they’d never let themselves cheat. It’s that simple.

Like I have said, I have read so many stories of lovers going to inhumane extremes because a lover threatened to leave them or has cheated on them.

This link I shared is so horrifying that I just had to share. The picture to horrific that I couldn’t stomach putting up the picture here. I know one thing for sure and no matter what anyone says, if you love a person, you’d never do this to that person. Open at your own discretion.


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