My main concern was taking them down one by one without arousing any suspicions and if I had to do that I decided I had to create a diversion of some sort. I did not know what yet as I zeroed in on Collins, but I knew it had to be brilliant.
Collins like the others had being trying ever since I ‘joined’ them to get into my pants in the guise of a relationship but I had rebuffed them, I wasn’t gonna lay with scum. Because they always seemed to be together a lot, I had to figure out a way to draw them out and I figured I should finally accept Collins’ invitation to go out for a bite. I knew since they were all fighting for my affection that I could trust him to be discreet about meeting me.
When I was ready I called him. ‘Hey I am there.’
‘Okay, but why won’t you let me take you some place proper? It’s ain’t exactly safe for me to be around that place.’ He said.
‘I like it where we are going, the food is good and it’s not as popular as other eateries; so there is no traffic. And I swear it is safe.’
‘Okay.’ He said resignedly.
The idea on how to take out Collins and his cohorts came to me one day when I was walking home one day and saw some members of another cult so blatantly beat up a guy for some reason I didn’t know. But I knew no matter what he did he didn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated like this or so savagely beaten. My dad had died trying to correct the nuisance these cults caused in the universities, so why couldn’t I continue his work? I could get them to wedge war on each other, maybe wipe themselves out and what better way to get them to go to war, if not by getting someone to take out another from an opposition cult?
To put my plan in motion, I had to ensnare a member of another group, for that I had to use my feminine wiles. It’s funny what a woman can achieve with the unbuttoning of an extra button or Two or a toss of hair or the pouting of you lips. It’s the 21st century and men had yet to stop seeing women as a piece of meat!
The place I had chosen was popular with the Eagles; a rival cult to Red as a matter of fact it was their turf. Earlier at the restaurant, I had being flirting with a guy I had identified as an Eagle. Making eye contact with him over the head of a girl he was having lunch with. I knew I had his attention but for the girl he had with him, he would have being seated by my side.
As they finished lunch I over heard the girl ask; ‘Are we still going over to your place?’
To which he replied. ‘No, I forgot I was to meet Tony, why not I come over to your place later in the day?’
The girl was disappointed but his promise to come over in the evening seemed to soothe her. I watched them leave and caught him throw a fleeting glance at me and signaled that he’d be back before he went through the door.
Yes I had baited him, apparently I was Tony.
In less than forty five minutes he was back and seated by me. ‘Hello sexy, what’s up? I am Jerome, what’s your beautiful name?’ He crooned.
I batted my eyes at him and replied. ‘Does it matter? As long as we both have a good time.’
He let out a soft laugh. ‘You got that right and believe me I can show you a good time.’
‘Was that your girlfriend?’ I asked pointing to the sit the girl had vacated earlier.
He hesitated a while, not knowing what to answer.
‘So?’ I asked
‘Sort of.’
‘Sort of’ I thought, ‘poor girl might be somewhere raving about this fool nothing knowing he just called her ‘sort of’ his girlfriend. It took a lot to not burst out laughing, men are such assholes with such fickle minds.
‘She is either your girlfriend or she is not. There is no sort of to it.’ I said placing a hand on his inner thigh. ‘I don’t mind sharing really.’
He relaxed a bit after that.
‘So would you like to go to my place?’ He asked
‘Hey, at least buy me a drink first, don’t get too far ahead of yourself. I am a girl who likes to have fun, not a prostitute! I don’t mess about with things like courting and relationships. Why waste all that time when you can just stop all the charade and go straight to the bedroom?’
‘That’s my type of girl. No nonsense.’ He ordered me drink and one for himself.
‘So tell me about yourself.’ I said from above the rim of my glass cup.
‘Well I am………’ All the time he spoke I wasn’t listening keeping my eye to the door looking out for Collins.
I let him slide up his hand up my jean clad thigh, still keeping an eye on the door. A moment later I saw Collins and made sure he saw me, as he approached my table, I let out a scream and simultaneously slapped Jerome’s hand from my lap to his surprise.
‘Hey what is it now?! Do I look like a prostitute to you or do you think you can treat any girl anyway you like?’ I screamed throwing the content of my glass on him.
The surprise on his face disappeared replaced by pure anger as he stood up intent on landing a punch. From the corner of my eyes I saw Collins move with incredible speed, catching his blow mid swing.
They engaged in a heated argument, but Jerome was no fool and knew who Collins was and what his group was capable of. But then again it would be wrong to walk away from a fight. He had to save face, as there were people about.
‘Guy you don fuck up and all fuck ups must be treated.’ And with that he stumped out of the restaurant.
‘Let’s leave here.’ Collins said as soon as Jerome was out of the room.
I pretended to be a little shaken. ‘Yeah in a minute, lemme go clean up.’ I said indicating the dark stain slowly spreading on my jeans.
‘Do that in the car.’ He said.
‘Please Collins I wouldn’t be more a minute, just wait out front for me.’
He hesitated for a bit and said; ‘Okay be fast.’ He said placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.
Immediately I got into the restroom, I quickly changed into the other clothe I had brought with me. I pulled out the hand gun which I also had in the bag I had stowed away earlier in the restroom, shoved it in my waistband. I packed the other clothes into my handbag and quietly without being seen escaped out of the employees’ exit of the restaurant.
When I got outside, I skulked to the front of the restaurant where I saw Collins pacing impatiently waiting for me, I walked up to him from behind, called out his name and as he turned, I squeezed the trigger twice catching him in the chest and then the belly. He crumbled to the floor, his face contorted in horror. I walked over to where he lay and squeezed the trigger once more and then shot into the air to clear the way.
There was pandemonium as all hell broke lose, everybody running for their dear lives, I ran into a path way I had earlier scouted and found to be rarely used. When inside I threw off my top and changed back to the one I had on earlier. I stowed the gun away under a rock and followed a short cut and came out in front of the stampeding crowd.
If anybody asked what happened, they will say two guys had gotten in an argument over a girl and one of them left and several minutes later, a guy in black clothe and a yellow baseball cap gunned the other guy down in front of the restaurant, shooting him thrice and making away.
When I got home I cried like a baby, I shook like I had being soaked in freezing water. I could still see Collins’ eye go blank as he embraced death. I had taken the life of a person I knew, it was different from Bello’s. Which was so impersonal.
I had become a killer, a cold blooded killer and that scared me. I knew that wherever my dad was he’d never approve of what I was doing, no matter how justified my reasons were. I could have just parked up and left now I had practically incited war between Red and the eagles. But I knew that no matter what I had to be around to see this carnage I had just started to its end. This was personal and I didn’t really need anybody doing my dirty work.
I was still crying in my bed, when my phone rang. I picked it up and almost threw it away as I saw who it was calling me. Femi! What did he want?
‘Hello?’ I said with as steady a breath as I could muster.
‘Where are you?’ He said in his usual cold voice.
‘I am at home.’
‘Get down here immediately. I am sending Jumbo and Iyke to come get you.’ And with that the phone went dead.
I was in a panic. Had they found out? If yes, how? I had being real careful and was almost certain that I had left nothing or suggestions that would trace back to me.
I made up my mind to run away, run far far away, not eager to find the answers to my unanswered questions, forget my revenge and just run away.
I was still contemplating escape when there was a knock on my door.

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