I don’t speak for anybody but myself when I say I think the National Youth Service Corp is a waste of time and national human resources. A waste of time especially for the corp members, who are forced to waste one whole year of their adult life that would have better being used to better their lives instead of perambulating from one class to another. Honestly only the medical students and a select few seem to gain anything out of this government imposed one year suffering!

NYSC was established to help integrate the various tribes and religions of this great nation; kind of getting the youths to experience other cultures other than theirs. But who are we fooling that aim has being defeated and it is time to say we tried and park up this costly charade. How can you talk integration to a corp member serving in the north?! The easterners don’t want to serve in the north and vice versa.
If truly the government wanted the programme to succeed a lot should have being done to check the illegal monies that pass under the table in the name of redeployment.

NYSC is still in existence because some elements in the government need it to continue to siphon government fund. Yes, that’s why there are stupid and nonsense offices and ministries in the country. Ask yourself why should FRSC(Federal Road Safety Commission) and NPF(Nigerian Police Force) be different departments, even the traffic warden? But that’s another story.

Do you know how much the kit you’re given on arriving to camp cost? An astounding N70,000!!! Say what?!!! Yes seventy grand. That khaki that shrinks after every wash, that white shirt that expands with every rinse, that crested vest that slackens every time you wring it, that white sneakers that numbs your toe, that jungle boot that often times is not your size or that starts to tear after you wear it for the first time. Yes they all cost seventy grand.
With 70,000, you would get better kits and there will still be sufficient funds to survive in camp. But one man has the contract to provide them and spends about 15,000 or less in procuring that rubbish you wear.
Your meal cost 100 naira each and one minister used up almost a million for a month’s meal!!! Who does she dine with Somalians?!!! For Christ’s sake who is fooling who?

Everyday they tell us there are no jobs in the country; that’s why they have inculcated skills acquisition classes to the NYSC itinerary. But then where would one raise the money to start up his own business? If government should add up all the money they spend on each corp member and hand it to them after they graduate from the universities, there would be less kidnappers in the East, less boko haram members in the North, less LATSMA/agbero in the West and less militants in the South-South.

Federal allowance for 11 months: (19650) 216150

Cost of NYSC kits: 70,000

Local Government allowance: (2000) 22000

State allowance: (differs but it ranges from 1000 in Gombe state to 10,000 in Enugu state) 110000

Meals per person @ N300/day for a month: 8400

We are talking N426550! It’s not much, but give it to somebody in Onitsha main market and watch the money multiply!

Corp members go through all sorts of problems/challenges in the name of ‘serving’ your fatherland! I know a friend who has to travel by boat to her PPA; place of primary assignment! The lodges allocated to some corp members is so run down it’s hard to imagine people live there! Mosquito infested, ceilings caving in, no source of power or water supply and the government chums it up to ‘serving your fatherland’ and they build houses worth billions and accrue hotel bills running into millions in a year. Come on!
Imagine this fragile time of bomb blast and religious crisis and the government would uproot a person from the comfort and security of their surroundings and drop them smack dead in war zones! Can you believe people were still posted to Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Adamawa and Gombe? For what now? Thank God they were immediately redeployed, because I would hate to think what their fate would have being now!

If the government wants integration, they should start from the top, charity they say begins at home. Why not make Nigeria a two-party system state. That way the Igbos won’t have a party as in the case of APGA, the Yourubas ACN, Hausa’s CPC. If it was a two-party system, the 3 tribes would be forced to cooperate and only the best candidates, irrespective of their religion or language would run for electoral seats.
Don’t send a corp member to a bomb infested state in the name of integration! I’d rather be at home integrating with my family.
In the North now any car backfire or burst tire and everybody goes a-flying!

Let’s be honest, nobody is gonna miss NYSC when it is gone? So why prolong something that is already destined to die! Why keep it on life support when it is brain dead, it’s like prolonging the inevitable.
If the government is still bent on youth integration, why not a one year compulsory military training like is practised in Austria and some parts of Asia? At least you get something out of that and still get to embrace all types of culture.

So Mr. Pius Anyim, humble Sir, you who made it that only educational, health, farms and ministries should employ corp members, I think you should scrap your plan, because no matter how inspired your plan was sir, it is not working. Not for me anyways and a million other people who would have being better off with N426550. I no know wetin concern engineer with English language!
By now I should have being counting in millions, instead of thinking what awaits me after chopping awuf money for eleven months!


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6 thoughts on “SCAM CALLED NYSC

  1. Thumbs up man! U have spoken our minds_ d corps members. But I bate you, those @ the helms of affairs will NEVER give the youths of this country a chance to shine. Why? They have killed d country and are shy and afraid to allow you steer d nation to greatness…. Wicked, nonsense old people. Thank God ‘death’ is inevitable and everyone MUST account for their deeds while in this world. Naija YOUTHS UNITE!!!! 1 LOVE

  2. Wondaful piece broda, wel tot of n ful of experience. D one yr compulsory military trainin wld b a gud substitute considering d spate of insecurity in d nation. All man need dey fit. Thumbs up bro.

  3. well written,i have thought of this before,but another bothering question I asked myself was that,what will now be the fate of the NYSC staff,they will all go back to the street and start looking for job. But the federal Govt has to do something about it,the money sum up together go make sense to take start good business. my state is not paying a kobo to the youth corpers(Edo). it’s time wasting

  4. have you seen the new jungle boot? there is an inscription on it “service and mumulity” the Govt is really making a fool of the youth of Nigeria,the corpers collected d jungle boot without any complain. I felt like all hope is gone. let the Nigeria youth stand up for their right,we deserve better treatment.

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