MY CURSED GENERATION: the depraved ones

Has anyone seen that now infamous video of four handsome, well built boys being bludgeoned and later burnt to death? I guess a great many of you have, but if you haven’t I beg you save yourself the torture, the nightmares and don’t watch it.
Make no mistake I don’t want to talk, about how I shook as they hurled giant rocks at these boys or how a living being kept landing blow after blow on a half dead boy who was still trying to fend each blow off! No, I won’t talk about that or how the sight of these ragged boys, had me thinking what I would have done if it me in that position? Or what would happen to the plans these boys had obviously made? Or the dreams the obviously had? Yes I thought all that and more.

But believe me this piece isn’t about those boys, I know a great number of my colleagues have written tributes and page after page of articles on them and I commend them on that. No! Today I write on another set of people present there that day; the boys, girls, men and women present there that day and failed to do nothing!

Did you see the number of amateur photographers present there that day? Most of them youths; students even, standing around video recording broad daylight murder and didn’t even think to alert the UNIPORT SUG or any other relevant authority!

My generation is now so obsessed with camera phones, Twitter, facebook and BBM that. The tragedy of another life is now our entertainment! We are so consumed about getting that ‘killer shot’ without paying heed to the dying man at the other end of the camera.

An accident happens and instead of going to see how we can help, we pull out our phone and start snapping and shooting away, just for our 5 minutes of social network fame. Is a human life not worth saving? Is a brief moment of euphoria more significant than a lifetime of knowing you saved a life or tried to?

Why are the priorities of my generation so screwed up? Why are we so messed up? A generation of shutter bugs! We eat, snap! We f**k, we snap! We drink, we snap! We crap, we snap!
Go to the net and see Nigerian youth in every depraved manner imaginable! Chai!! My cursed generation!
Why not train these camera phones on cheating, lying politicians or abusive parents or something that would impact positively on the growth of humanity, instead of degrading yourselves and devaluing other members your generation.

For you to standby, video recording while youths like yourselves are slaughtered and killed like animals, shows we are beyond repair! How can you do that? How can not act with their every scream, with their every plea, with their every pain? Why?

We have to change. If truly we are the children of tomorrow, we need a change of attitude and behaviour. We have to be the change we want to see in the world and that means, stepping out from behind the camera and into the foray of things. Because the world is disintegrating gradually both physically and morally and we are at the heart of it.

I want to use this opportunity to beg on behalf of the families of those innocents, that if you’re in possession of any video or photo evidence of that gruesome day, to please delete it. Save other people from the torture of that day, save the families of these boys, the torture of reliving that nightmare. Please I beg of you. Every visual evidence of that day should be removed from the net for it isn’t right to watch that video, there is a journal code of conduct about that and this is just up there with the worst. That’s my opinion anyways, you’re entitled to yours.

May souls of the Aluu 4 resting in perfect peace. Amen

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