I came across a question once on the social media Facebook and it piqued my curiosity. The Facebook user asked what the difference between lovemaking and sex was and it wasn’t surprising to find that there were as many different answers as there were many different respondents to the said question. So with that in mind I decided to do a little digging from my own experience and a little research to find out what the difference was.

Okay from the little I know of relationships, I know there is a league of difference between sex and lovemaking. For one you can have sex with just about anybody and just about anywhere. It is without emotions, just the primal need to copulate and get satisfaction.
While lovemaking on the other hand involves a lot of emotions, hence the name ‘love making’. Lovemaking is much more slower. It’s about pleasing your partner, exploring every inch of their body. Lovemaking heightens a relationship and helps people discover themselves. It’s about true feelings and it’s expression canally.

Having sex is like throwing together a piece of bread, sliced beacon, not because that is what you need, but for the simple fact that you gotta eat. But lovemaking is like taking care and time to prepare your favorite dish, then sitting back probably with a glass of red wine to enjoy and savor every bite and it’s every movement in your mouth, till it makes it’s journey to your tummy.

But it is safe to note that in good relationships, the two tend to overlap.

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