the thinking man

the thinking man

Nothing jolts your world than seeing friends you grew up with making head way in life and you seeming stagnated! It’s a rude awakening, especially if you have being playing Peter Pan and refusing to grow up.
It’s like reality just hits you upside your head with a f**king steel bat and leaving in its wake this aching pain and desire to go do something really stupid; like rob a bank or kill yourself.

You know how you are just ‘chillaxing’ watching a movie and all of a sudden your phone buzzes and it’s a message saying one of your friends or a classmate is getting married. That can stimulate the above feeling. Or when you open a page on Facebook and it is your friend inviting you for his wedding? Yes it’s like a kick in the nuts if you’re still finding your feet in the world.

Wow, there is no explaining the emptiness you feel! It’s like you’re wasting away! It’s times like this that drives men do what they ought not to do. I now understand how desperation can drive a person to kill, steal or do some other freaky sh*t.
That feeling is doubly so, especially if you got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. It makes that load seem like it’s the world you are shuttling around and makes it even more unbearable.

The bouts of depression, the sick feeling you get when you look in the mirror, the sadness that encompasses you when you look around you; figuratively. It can be too much, that I know for sure.

Recently I saw a phrase and I have chanced on it more than once since then; it says: ‘The rice that you on top of the cooler was once at the bottom of the pot’
As simple as it seems, these words are powerful and inspirational.
You may not be where you wanna be at the moment, give it time, never stop fighting, never stop dreaming, never stop believing for soon it will be your turn.

So I am ready to wait. For I know I am destined for greatness. Everyone is, we just never know it. Like Eminem said: ‘You gotta lose it to the moment, you earned it, you better never let it go. You only got one chance do not lose your chance to blow. Cos opportunity comes once in a lifetime. You better’

Have nice weekend.

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