From The Wild Side

Some dude sent me this, some weeks ago, nothing to it, just that I loved the way he played with words. He definitely had a good weekend. Read:

I consider myself a responsible man
Not given to acts of indiscretion
Or flights of fancy.
So, usually I do not participate in one night stands
But on this particular evening
The full moon was hanging low from
The stars were dancing
Love’s fragrance filled the air.

It was two for one drink night at the club
(So in other words)
It started getting late
I started getting drunk
I was getting horny
And she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,
So I didn’t.
She brought sexual pleasures to life
Pulling fantasies from archives of my mental wild side
That with any other woman I may have been hesitant to try!

We did it all.
Horizontally, vertically, perpendicularly
Then when it was all said and done
We did it all again… And again…and again
She said all men are old dogs in need of a new tricks
And the only one capable of teaching them
Was a nasty, freaky, uninhibited chick…. Like herself

I’m not too much of a man to admit
She p***y was the shit
The way she worked her hips
The way she rode that d**k
She had me stretched out, speaking in tongues
Screaming like a bitch
Calling her names.
( I didn’t even know her name)

Had me contemplating copping matching band
Getting down on bended knee
Begging her p***y to marry me
Or at the very least
Calling her every friday
And signing my paychecks over to her name
Funny thing is
( I don’t even know her name)
So do you think I should have worn a condom?
I’m usually a responsible young man
Not given to acts of indiscretion
Or flights of fancy
So I guess one, one night stand won’t kill me
Or will it?

So my people, will it kill him? The sender begged anonymity.

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