Afghanistanism is a term, first recorded in the United
States, for the practice of concentrating on
problems in distant parts of the world while ignoring
controversial local issues.

Recently Hurricane Sandy hit the United States and caused so much devastation, putting about 1.6 million people in the dark, damaging billions in property and killing at least 13 people.
The social media in Nigeria went haywire with well wishes for America and Americans. Pictures of flooded streets, marooned homes and damaged properties were strewn ‘carelessly’ all over the Nigerian social media.
On BBM; ‘the craze’, it was one BroadCast after another asking us to pray for the perished souls and the distressed Americans.

It is a sad event I know, it is happening to humans like me and you. But the truth is, we are right at this moment having our own ‘hurricane Sandy’ albeit man made.
For almost a month or so, many villages and towns in various parts of the country have been under water and the plights of the many Nigerians trapped there have being treated like we are talking about an ankle deep water.

Where are the pictures of the people in the refugee camps? Where are the pictures of destroyed homes? Where are the pictures of displaced kids? Where are the pictures of the carnage?

All I see are pictures of Aki and Paw paw and some artistes visiting the refugee camps. That one na government propaganda.
All I see are pictures of President Goodluck Jonathan’s house shutter deep in water. That na him only house?
All I see are pictures of roads leading to out of Kogi state completely swallowed. What happened to the second Niger bridge gag?

No Facebook prayers! no BBM messages! Just a trickle of news here and there. And hurricane Sandy strikes and everybody becomes Lois Lane and Mother Theresa, just so we would be seen to be in with the happening news or ‘tush’ as some would say.

If we don’t mind our own, who will?

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