There is this popular proverb in Nigeria that says that ‘when breeze blow, fowl nyash go open’ and it seems breeze has blown and some shoddy deals of our quack politicians have come to light.

Recently defence contractor Alhaji Rabiu Hassan petitioned the presidency to look into the defence contracts concerning procurements of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) also called drones and aerial surveillance balloons.
He alleged that the said contract is inflated, as the cost of the balloons were put at $1.9billion equivalent to N295billion. (This coming from a government that plans to borrow $9.3 billion in two years!!! Chai!!!! We have die!!!!) He stated that the actual cost of the balloons are at $300,000!!! (Oh boy see INFLATION!!!! This politicians are just heartless.)
And the said contract has being approved by Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) and is awaiting the approval of the FCT minister.

Meanwhile Mr Hassan also alleged that the Federal Government bought 2 faulty UAVs at an inflated cost of $240million from some Israeli contractors.
He also on sunday alleged that the FG is hiring 2 Israeli spy satellite at an inflated cost of €145million about N29.2 when the actual cost is $40million!!!

One has to wonder what the hell is going on in this government of ours! And this is from this regime, God forbid you get figures from past regimes!
Don’t these people do researches before doling out obscene amount of money to anybody that has the required papers?

And we have many people dying and hungry. Bombs and floods and the little money that should be used to tackle these problem are continually siphoned away to foreign lands.

These drones and balloons can be made here in Nigeria. Abi the people who made it are double headed? But they (the government) would rather pocket the money than spend it on creative and brilliant minds wasting away in the various universities.
Despite the absurd conditions in the Nigerian universities, some creative mind still prevail. Abi Philip Emegwali no be Naija he school? Chike Obi na Ghana he school? Modestus Chijioke of University of Nsukka Nigeria wey build, launch rocket as project, na Japanes him be?

It’s sickening and just plain sad what goes on in this country!

modestus chijioke

modestus chijioke

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