Woman who earns $260 a day snuggling strangers

Ever sometimes go to bed, feeling so lonely and wish there was somebody who you could just snuggle up next to? Anybody, it doesn’t have to be intimate, just someone whose warmth you want to feel right next to you?

Well your prayers have being answered and her name is Jackie Samuel; 29 a professional snuggler who lives in Rochester, New York.
Jackie turned to snuggling with strangers to help pay for her studies and provide for her young son.

Believe it or not she makes $260 a day and charges $60 per hour. She says she snuggles up to 30 men a week! This might be something to look into in Nigeria in this time of job scarcity!!!! LOL

She has being branded a prostitute, but has claimed she is anything but. Business has gotten so good she has hired a snuggle assistant Colleen.

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