MTN: Greek Lords bearing Greek gifts.

According to the Greek mythology, when the Greeks couldn’t penetrate the walls of the mighty city of Troy, they devised a plan to build a giant horse and left it as a gift to the Trojans at their gate. The naïve Trojans thinking the giant horse was a surrender gift from the Greeks, rolled it in and with it the Greek army that was hiding in the belly of the wooden horse. Thus came the term ‘Greek gift.’

MTN SuperSaver:
N13.66; Enjoy
100% airtime
Bonus on every
Recharge this
Weekend!! Just
Recharge with
*888*PIN# from
6pm on Friday

That was on display when I checked my balance, so naturally I got curious and tried it, lo and behold I couldn’t find my main balance, it still read N13.66!! Where was the N200 I loaded?
I tried loading the recharge card again, maybe I made a mistake, but alas I was told; ‘the recharge card has been used by you!’ How now? No be my balance I dey look so?!! Shoo!!
I called customer care, but again as you all know calling MTN customer care is like standing in a very long queue for your turn to buy fuel; very frustrating.
I eventually dialed *559# and I saw I was given a bonus of N200! Okay but where was the N200 I loaded?
I eventually got through to MTN customer care at about maybe 10pm!; the same number I have been trying to reach since 6pm!
I was connected to a C.C rep named Ginika, from Orumba south in Anambra state and she said that I should dial *889# to see my main balance and that she has being getting that same compliant from various perplexed customers like myself.
After I hung up, I dialed *889# as she instructed and this what I saw:
You WOW main
account balance
is NGN168.44; Your
WOW Bonus
is NGN0.00.
Expires 01/10/12

Thinking the case was settled, I went to sleep. This morning I woke up to make a call and was told I had insufficient funds to make calls! I checked my balance to be sure and alas! It still read N13.66! Where is the N200 I loaded or the supposed N168.44 I saw? All gone!!!
Again MTN has managed to scam me of my hard earned money. It might not be much, but the fact that a supposed ‘multinational’ company would consistently devise harebrained schemes to exploit vulnerable customers, is just inconceivable! Haba mana!!

This is an appalling occurrence, that a foreign company would come to our shores and continually exploit us. Nigeria made MTN popular, in fact Nigeria makes all South African countries popular. Look at DSTV/Multichoice.
When Telecomm industries are doing their best to win more customers, MTN is hell bent on losing theirs. Which is good considering that they aren’t even consumer friendly! Good riddance I say.

MTN is so poor at people service that I am surprised nobody has sued them yet, what with all their theatrics. You pay for BIS and for a week all you get is crappy service, slow network. No apologies, no compensations, just business as usual.
One time I couldn’t use my BlackBerry services for more than 3 days and when the problem was rectified Glo; that’s what I use, sent a message apologizing and giving all it’s customers a one week grace period! God forbid for MTN to do that, heavens will fall.

Only MTN will charge you twice for a service; say ‘call back tune’ and when you call customer care to complain they will cry heaven and earth that it is what it is.
Greek Lords, who give with the right hand and steal from you with the left hand. Ndi ori!!!
I was foolish to have tried to get a 100% of my recharge, I should have known better, having being the brunt of their many tricks. F**king bastards!!!

I think it is time I pack up my sim card. Rubbish.

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