MY GOMBE EXPERIENCES: dancing with Angel

It was getting to 6pm and she still hadn’t arrived. The last time I spoke to her; which was like an hour before, she said there wasn’t a car coming down to Gombe town and that she would wait.

30 minutes later, she said that the car had come but there weren’t much passengers going to Gombe at that time. Then she asked; ‘Should I still come or should I just forget about it till maybe next time?’ In my mind I went; ‘Duh, yeah!! Come on down jor! I wanna see you, it’s been a while.’ But I heard myself say; ‘If you wait a while and the car doesn’t fill up, just go back home.’ WTF!!!

Before I continue lemme explain, a friend was throwing a party for his bosses to commemorate their promotions and had invited me and a few friends. So my obvious date for the event had to be no other than Angel. I wasn’t excited about hobnobing with the who is who of Gombe state, it was the thought of having to be in close proximity with an angel named Angel that had me giggly like a kid on a sugar rush!

45 minutes later she arrived and after a dash of make up here and there, we were good to go. We arrived at the scene of the event way behind schedule, but I couldn’t have asked for a better time to come, because I enjoyed having every eye on me. I could readily read what was on their minds; ‘What the f**k is she doing with him?!’ I could feel my head swelling, hehehehe. A lowly me was out on a date with a doctor, bite me!

We weren’t even settled, before ‘well wishers’ started rushing to greet her and gush about how it had being long, since after the camp, that they’d seen her. Me? I was on top of the world, smiling and downing my cool beer, wetin concern me?

Two bottles of Star aside, it was time to move to the hall as the official stuff was over and it was time to get jiggy.
The hall was already abuzz with merry makers when Angel and I walked in. We chose a seat and sat down, as we enjoyed the sight of others dancing and gyrating.
‘Let’s go dance.’ I asked and to my surprise she said yes!

First of, lemme tell you that the doctor could dance! I had always seen lawyers and doctors as stiffs; unable to relax and have fun. And who is to blame them, their professions doesn’t really give them leeway to club and party, what with all the studying they have to do!, But this woman before me could dance! She wouldn’t rival Shakira, no way, but she knew her way around the dance floor. She could move and she moved.

For a while I just watched, dumbfounded as she twisted and turned with that big smile I had come to love, then slowly I joined in and tried to match her rhythm. But then I had to slow down as ‘junior’ was threatening to come out and play! If she noticed , she didn’t complain. I just tried to minimize body contact, kai! Junior just chose the wrong time to come play, but I wouldn’t blame him. Anybody would have had the same reaction when in contact with such suppleness and beauty.

Dubem had taught me once that it gets boring when you are at a party and you dance with just once partner, so I did my rounds on the dance floor all the while searching the crowd for her. She was still dancing and loving it. I could hear her throaty laugh and I could tell she really was having fun, maybe this was her scene after all.

Magnet attracts and we like magnet found ourselves again and this time we stuck. The DJ was playing dance hall and we were slow dancing!! Just been that close to her was…..amazing. Her hands hanging loosely around my neck, my hands circled possessively around her supple hips, our bodies pressed together. Choi!!!! I wan die!!!
We stayed like that for hours slow dancing and talking. I was having my romantic movie moment and I was loving every second of it for one very good reason. Lemme tell you.

I said the party was thrown by a friend; a mutual friend of Angel and I. Well the said friend had called Angel aside earlier and had asked her to spend the night in his crib; in his defense he didn’t know she was with me, Angel turned him down and came back to me. She told me what she’d being up to and in my mind I felt like James Bond!
Outta the corner of my eye I would catch the guy staring at us slow dancing and canoodling and it would give me such satisfaction to see that pain etched on his face. Serves you right.

The party was at its dying embers, the room had become too stuffy and it was getting late. So I suggested we take a walk in the cool Gombe night. We talked and talked and all the while I kept wishing I’d just kiss her; I still hadn’t kissed, believe me, but one thing prevented me from even trying, I was in Gombe and the idea of ‘long sleeve’ or ‘short sleeve’ (penalty for amorous behavior in public) didn’t particularly appeal to me. There would be many opportunities to kiss her, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be under these blanket of stars.

I am boring you abi? Okay, okay I am almost through.
There wasn’t a cab to take us home at that time of the night, so I called ‘our’ friend and he decided to drop us off; Angel and I and some other friends. The Toyota Sienna was filled up so Angel and I had to share the front seat and to make it comfortable, she sat on my lap. You should have seen the look on ‘our’ friends face! Hehehehehe
I was still savoring the moment when Ifeoma screamed jokingly from the back; ‘Come Hilary, this una love never do?’
In my mind I went, ‘My sister e never reach oh!’ Then I went; ‘abeg junior respect yourself’

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