Dangote recently hired Phd and Masters holders as drivers in his company. He had advertised the post of drivers in his company and over 1000 people applied, amongst them Phd and Masters holders! Shocking isn’t it? But really it shouldn’t be given the rate of unemployment in this country.

According to IEA top 10 countries produced over 63 %
of the world oil production in 2011. By IEA top oil
producing countries were (Mt): 1) Saudi Arabia 517 (12.9
%), 2) Russia 510 (12.7 %), 3) United States 346
(8.6 %), 4) Iran 215 (5.4 %), 5) China 203 (5.1 %), 6)
Canada 169 (4.2 %), 7) United Arab Emirates 149 (3.7
%), 8) Venezuela 148 (3.7 %), 9) Mexico 144(3.6 %), 10) Nigeria 139 (3.5 %)

Tenth in the world and yet every other person in the top ten is miles away from it in terms of development and job employment.
If you read the dailies promptly and judiciously, there’s never a day obscene amounts of money isn’t mentioned. If it hasn’t been stolen, it is proposed for one ‘project’ or the other or simply has being borrowed from world banks. Yet a vast majority of the populace live in abject poverty and squalor.

Politicians take home billions in salaries and allowances, yet the basic salary is N15000! Why this much gap between the two divide?
The rich get sick and fly abroad and the poor get sick and won’t be admitted into the hospital until he/she makes a down payment!
Okay you say you don’t want to depend on the government for money and go into your private business and the government will make the economic environment as unconducive as possible, with high tax rate that we never see the purpose of, poor electric supply, high cost of raw materials, high cost of petroleum products!

To make matters worst, they tell you, you can not drive an ‘okada’ motorbike, impound yours and fail to give you and alternative means of survival! What was it they said about idle hands?

You steal N200 and you are jailed for life and they steal billions and jailed for two years and given national awards! What nonsense?!!

There are leagues between the poor and the rich in my country and it is getting wider. Education is now for the rich, if you’re poor forget about it. Go and drive an okada or better yet a tricycle; at least those are in vogue, while children of government officials are reveling in choice universities at home and abroad.

The roads are so bad that to get to an 8 o clock am appointment you have to wake up at 5am to beat the traffic. Every year billions are shelled out for road constructions and such contracts are given to their brothers and friends who squander the money and use paltry sums to build roads that don’t last the rainy season! Yet they buy jeeps to jump over gallops. Still they ban okadas!! How do they propose we beat traffic and out maneuver the bad roads?

No jobs they say, yet most if not all ministries are filled with so much ghost workers, that if those post are filled, half of the unemployed would be employed! Yet they say there ain’t jobs in the country anymore.

They move around with well armed escorts and leave us in the protection of baton wielding policemen! And expect the policemen to protect us from men fully geared for world war 4! Okay oh!

Even when people affected by flood are still trying to put pieces of their former lives together, the insensitive men and women are still proposing billions to build banquet halls and homes for themselves! Not minding that millions have being displaced and half that sum will do just fine to ameliorate their situation.

We keep saying e go better, e go better. When e go better?
Is it when they have borrowed more than we can pay back?
Is it when there is no more money in the treasury?

When e go better?
Is it when they divide up the country amongst themselves and there is nothing left for us?

How e go better?
When they continue zoning leadership and in the end when they bring an imbecile to rule over us because it is their turn, we fold our hands and watch him/them run this country to the ground?

When e go better?

Sinbad in the movie ‘Sinbad of the seven seas’ said; ‘Hungry people don’t ask, they take.’ And we all know a hungry man is an angry man.

I smell a revolution, it is thick in the air! Can’t you smell?

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