When you think of a Fulani woman, the image that comes to your mind is a raggedy looking woman, with a hand crafted calabash filled with ‘nono’ (milk) deftly balanced on the head, walking around on painted broom thin legs looped in tired looking bathroom slippers and teeth browned by years of over indulgence of kolanut.
That is what I thought of Fulani women, thin dirty looking women who hawked ‘fura de nono’, that was until I got to Gombe.

Gombe state is made up of Fulani and Hausa tribes amongst others, it is not unusual to run into a Fulani person once in a while. If they were in camp I don’t know, cos I wasn’t paying attention, but where I met the Fulani girl that forever changed my perception about Fulani women was in Gombe town and her name was Sad’a.
You know that moment you see a beautiful girl and in your mind you go ‘CHOI!!, SEE FINE GEH’ but on the outside you act all cool, calm and collected, like you are all in control? Yeah I had that moment when I saw her.

Where do I begin? Okay, it was a saturday and as usual I had escaped the drabness of the desert that was my PPA; Tongo for the relaxing and appealing environment that was the town of Gombe; where my friends resided, when one of the inmates or do I say neighbors Christie; a funny girl, busty, with ass as big as a cushion, who could talk faster than a parrot, got a call from another neighbor inviting the whole inmates for a small get together. Well ‘agboro’ like me wey no get work, plus no EPL match, wasted no time in getting dressed (if it is fun, count me in) and followed the small party, looking for a party. (Catchy that last statement: party looking for a party? Hehehehee, I go kill me.)

Don’t mind my alter ego, he is a mad man.

So we got to this area, the buildings there would tell you the about calibre of its residents! The architectural ingenuity on display was AMAZING! The house itself we were led into exuded opulence. You hear of the bombings in the north and your mind pictures the destruction and carnage in Rwanda or Sudan. No, this place could have being any house in Abuja or any other part of Nigeria, a symbol of class and taste.

The interior was even better well furnished and exotically scented. When I walked out of the short corridor into the living room, that was when I had my ‘CHOI’ moment, for standing in the centre on the room was the birthday girl; a slim, sweet looking girl that could have passed for 15 or 16, with a skin the colour of honey. Not very tall, had these eyes you could just look into forever, a nose like something off the face of an caucasian and these cute tiny lips. You know when guys say they want a portable babe, I guess what they mean is a girl with a body like hers, for she was petite.
I was mesmerized, but wetin? My life revolved round beautiful women, na today?! ‘Oleku, tell something wey I never see?’ But still you can’t deny the fact she was fine.
The party was great, I had fun. I didn’t even know ‘mallo’ people could have fun! See them dancing, gyrating, it was fun to watch. Coming from the East down to the North for NYSC, you think every Northerner is a blood sucking vampire looking for an Igbo or christian to kill, but these guys were just like me and every other Igbo person I had partied with and they knew how to have fun!

So I cornered the birthday girl for ‘lungu’ (no think go far, na just talk) and asked how old she was and she said was……… her early 20’s (ole, so you dey wait make I for talk am?) and I was like; ‘You look 16! You don’t look that old!’ I don’t think that exactly went down well with her, but we got past the awkwardness, talked a little longer and then it was time to go.

Now that I am smack dead in the centre of Fulanis; majority of the population in Tongo is Fulani, that chance meeting with Sad’a has really changed my perception about Fulani girls, I have seen some really beautiful clean ones and even when I see a raggedy Fulani girl, I try to look beyond the clothes, the religion, the fura de nono, the weird look to envisage what she might look like if she was in the East or West and not pegged back by the demands of their surroundings and tradition. They fine sha, but some of them no get bodily condiments, if you know wa I mean.

I must say Fulani women are beautiful, those I have being opportuned to see, though some Northerners say the Gombe Fulanis are nothing compared to Fulanis from other parts of the North. Wetin I know? No be the one I see I go talk about?

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4 thoughts on “MY GOMBE EXPERIENCES: fulani girls

  1. Hillarious Hillary na ur ass b like cushion….haahaha…nice write up…thumbs up 4u.keep d spirit high…memory lane…

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