In the early 90’s two heavily armed men in full body armor held the whole Los Angeles police siege for 44 minutes before they were eventually overpowered and killed. 44 minutes! That incident allowed the gov’t to allow the American police to use assault weapons instead of just side arms. That is taking correction.
In 2007 or 8 Chelsea were facing Reading in an EPL match and Hunt was involved in a horror clash with Chelsea’s goal tender Petr Cech and the FA really wasn’t really fully equipped to manage the situation on the field but had to be airlifted to a hospital, a situation which left former Chelsea manager Mourinho fuming. Fast forward to 2012 Fabrice Muamba a defender for Bolton collapsed on the field of play in a game against I think Tottenham, it took close to an hour to resuscitate and revive him, thanks majorly to changes effected after Mourinho’s outburst in 2008. That is learning from your mistake.

Now board a plane down to Nigeria! Governor Suntai aboard a Cessena private plane crashed in Yola and he was immediately airlifted to FMC Abuja for management treatment, before he was transported to Germany.
It has being almost 2 months and there has not being any bills passed to better medical situation in a country of 140 million people; rich in human and natural resources.

Chime, Suntai, Imoke are all top officials who are ‘lounging’ receiving treatment in foreign hospitals abroad. Each have stayed in their respective countries for more than one month and the tax payers money is being expended and yet we do not hear cries for medical change in the most populous black nation!

Religious terrorists has beaten the Nigerian Police and Nigerian Army black and blue for more than one year. The amount of force men who have died in the hands of these terrorists is frightening. Yet more numbers are pushed into these war zones. And the Nigeria police still walks around with side arms and batons! No cries for reformation from the government, no nothing.

The amount of lives that have being claimed in air crashes in the past 7 years can make up a small village, still any idiot can get a license to run an airline service in Nigeria. Imagine after the outcry of Dana air victims and the subsequent findings and discoveries, the Nigerian Government graciously gave Dana back their license, to continue their business as usual!

The bad roads in Nigeria are no longer news, the accidents therein even more so. Yet every year billions are allocated in the name of road rehabilitation and still pot holes climb over each other for whom will be the greatest cause of nuisance on the Nigerian roads! Only roads leading to their mother’s homes and those of their concubines are repaired and motorable. Still there are no cries for change.

Before it used to be that only we citizens suffered the effects of their bad governance, but God and karma has turned the tables in recent times. Don’t get me wrong I am not gloating or reveling in the mishap of another! No far from it. But I just hope that now these calamities has reached their door steps, they might actually sit up and do something about it.
Because a day will come; it is inevitable, when someone will die enroute to a foreign hospital abroad for an ailment which but for a lack of proper funding would have being a piece of cake here in Nigeria.

There is a popular saying that; ‘the grave of a stubborn grasshopper is in the belly of the chicken’ A word is enough for the wise

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