All I write herein isn’t a product of some thesis paper from some fancy university, it’s just a little insight from the load of other cr*p I have gathered from my own meandering experiences.


Sometimes SOME guys double date, as a kind of a defensive mechanism. Nobody wants to be lonely or seem to be jilted, so when most relationships break up the people in it always want to be the first to get over the failed relationship.
Like I said some guys keep a second girl, let’s call her the side girl. She is the girl he likes to hang out with, they MIGHT not be intimate in the sense of the word but they do share some intimate moments. She is that girl the guy keeps on the side in case his own relationship goes awry. The downside is that sometimes most guys forget who is who and starts to treat the side girl as the main girl.

This is the girl he calls only when he is horny, he doesn’t call her often and when he does manage to call, it’s often a sexually laced conversation.
She means nothing to him except something with which she satisfy his sexual urges. She is sometimes comfortable with being the girl who satisfy him and sometimes she starts to think she can keep him by letting him have his way with her sexually.

This girl is kinda like ‘the whore’ but she is more dispensable. She is that girl who openly shows her feelings for the guy who might not have any inkling of feeling for her but takes advantage of her naivety anyways. He is never patient with her and often keeps her tied to him with threats of leaving her.


This phenomenon is not peculiar to the male folk because I know that this exists in the female divide. In her case she might have up to five side guys who satisfy specific needs.

It’s common a girl might have a guy she’d do anything for, including going out of her way to please. This the one guy she openly calls her own and shows off to her friends and family

Then there is a the other guy who satisfies her financial needs. She might not like this guy, let’s call him ‘the chyker’ (someone asking her out) but since he keeps pushing her to accept his proposal, she decides to push him to his limits financially.

Then there is the person I like to call the ‘assistant boyfriend’ this guy could be rightly called a friend with benefit, except that MOST times he doesn’t get to hit 3 base and more often than not, he’s in a relationship himself. He is that guy the woman likes to do things she wouldn’t necessary do with her boyfriend. He is safe because he wouldn’t cross the boundary of friends.

Then there is the guy I like to call ‘the pet’. Common mostly among older women but not exclusive to them. I first noticed this in 2003. A pet is that guy who a woman likes to keep around and tease because he is smitten by her. He is her personal escort, as he is wont to follow her everywhere she goes and she would continually tease him for having feelings for her and often offers to help find him a girl. The pet reminds the woman that she is still beautiful and alive.

So which one are you?

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