So the other day whilst Nigeria were playing Ivory coast, somebody made a quip about the team being a Biafran team on Twitter; owing to its large number of Igbo players. I just commented on how offensive I thought the comment was and didn’t think much of it. Then this morning as I was going through the news I read a headline that a Nigerian was praying that Mali beats Nigeria 3 nil because the team was ‘unfairly stacked with Igbo players’. This is what he wrote on Facebook:
Muhammadu Abubakar – “Biafra vs Mali !
Biafra shall be humiliated by Malians with
a 3-0 defeat against Biafran team. We
shall join our Malian brothers in
celebrating the defeat of those .”

A fish brained terrorist northerner! And we still scream one Nigeria!
Do you know it irks me when I hear the Arewa motto: Born to rule.
Born to rule who? Having produced the most leaders, having the most people in government, look at the state of governance and government in Nigeria. Look at the state of the north and they are born to rule? In plain English: Go put your houses in order before you come out to ‘rule’

There was a time when a large number of the Nigerian national team was Northern, did Nigerians cry foul? No.
Look at Ahmed Musa running around the pitch like a fowl that has just have his head cut off and Mr Abubakar has the guts to question the make up of the team.

I put this question across to Mr Abubakar, how many Northerners are plying their trade in major leagues across the globe? In fact after the exploits of Tijani, Lawal and the Babayaros how many Northerners have made a name in football in recent years?

Even though this team is the most average Nigerian team ever in years, there isn’t even an average Northerner in it! Doesn’t it surprise you? And it is not even a case of tribal bias, they just ain’t average enough. How many average Northerners are tapping soccer abroad?

Please do not be alarmed or vexed by my anger, I just hate Igbo people being treated as minority or sacrificial lambs. We are a people of great ambition and Nigeria was built on the flesh and blood of the Igbo man. The soil of Nigeria has for long gotten drunk on the blood of the Igbo man. What more do you selfish b*stards want?

You’ve taken our lives, our dignity, our businesses, can’t we just have football? What more do you want from us?!!!

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One thought on “IS THIS THE ONE NIGERIA?!!

  1. personally i felt some how when i saw this abymal statement online but the said biafra team end our 19yrs of trophy drought in the history of Nigeria football.I thank GOD because He has complimented the relentless effort of our dear coach stephen keshi,his case was like a stone which was rejected by the builder that came from behind to be the chief cornestone,in view of this he has silent the mouth of enemy of progress like abubakar.GOD has use keshi to make the name of Nigeria state to be written on a platter of gold.Lets give honour to whom it is due,GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

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