For those who can’t wait to serve.
NYSC is not all it is hyped to be, especially if you don’t get that favorable posting. It really isn’t all that fun and games, it’s more like work and more work; unless you wan follow lungu!

You know how you hear about how strict the soldiers are, how they dole out harsh punishment like cash at a traditional wedding? Well that isn’t exactly correct. They might be a ‘no nonsense people’ (military people), but they treat you the way you act. Forget about all those horrible stories you hear, na lie! My CC was a nice man.

You know how you hear that camps are a sex babylon, condoms everywhere? Well that isn’t all that true! First of all there is the case of all the military men lurking around, then there is the question of where to ‘do it’, then there is the question of finding time to ‘do it.’ So in a whole there is a whole lot of things working against you. But some people still get it on. *wink**

On the allowee. Well on paper N19650 is a large sum of money, but if your PPA; place of primary assignment isn’t a private school or you don’t earn extra money, you’d soon find out how little it is when you enter the market.
You can’t save it all, it is almost impossible if it is your only source of income. And that’s a fact.

And about love. Well you’d fall in love, for some people several times. But if you’re lucky enough to find that one person that makes you feel alive, hold on. But remember that there is one factor that is mitigating against y’all and that is time. NYSC might seem a long time, but in a twinkle of an eye, it’s gone and you’d be wondering what happened to time. And often times, you’d find that you don’t really wanna commit because you are afraid you two might never get the time to enjoy your love. What a hell, give it a go, you’d never know.

About camp. Camp is fun, you’d meet all type of people, it is here you make the friends you’d keep on the outside. Cherish every moment you have in camp because soon after, you’d find you crave it. Especially during the rest of your service year, you’d miss those moments and those people.

About the food. Hell yeah, they are as crappy as you hear. Had a friend eat it once and purge throughout the day. It’s absolute crap. So if you’re coming to camp, pad you pockets with dough, you will need it.

Serving in the North isn’t really that bad! Except they don’t have industries, at least not as many as they are in other regions. The religious crisis don’t extend to corp members, at least where I served. Just be wise. As they say: When in Rome, be like the Romans. And remember the weather is…, depending on where you are from, hell!!

And yes, all NYSC officially are randy goats!!! It’s like it is programmed into there gene the moment they are employed. So beware! All their promises is just to gain entrance to your ‘you know what’, most of them are married, so unless you enjoy playing home wrecker I suggest you keep your legs closed.

If you want to be posted to town, join the band, OBS, PET, MDGS. But keep your fingers crossed, even doctors get villages.

NYSC is fun and you should experience it at least once in your lifetime. Keep your expectations moderate, no be you get your time na NYSC dey control your every, at least till you finish.

Ehen beware of query, e dey spoil file.

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One thought on “NYSC IN SUMMARY

  1. Yeah! Nysc was really fun for me.its a once in a life ytm exprience.serving in d north was quiet an experience,the weather!gosh!

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