How are you today? It’s your birthday today; yay!! Did you party, dance, pray or did you plain forget? I guess the latter, cos you always forget! Remember when you picked us up an hour late from lesson and apologised all the way home? Hahaha won’t forget that, remember scolding you and drawing the ire of my mates.
We are all okay, but only just. We miss your presence and guidance and without you we’ve being like sheep without shepard! Seriously!!
Being head of the family is a heavy burden, how did you manage it. Most times I just wish life would just fast forward to the good parts, but then again it wouldn’t be life if it was that easy.
I have learnt not to care what people think but what makes me happy and what would make you proud. I want to make you proud.
I got a job now, its salary wouldn’t build a mansion; at least not yet. It’s not auto-machanic like we planned, I write now and I love it. You always said to do what I felt was right and made me happy. Well it’s check on them both.
I have changed both for good and bad but that’s has got a lot to do with coping with the fact you are not here.
Gosh I miss you! I miss the sound of your voice. I see you in your siblings and Onyeka. Gosh Onyeka is a mirror image of you, not just in appearance but mannerism. Guess we always knew that. Wish I could hear your voice forjust I second. I would give anything for just that second.
I wonder sometimes what 12 years would have done to you. Would have being grey, would you have become bald, would you have become bent with age? Guess we would never know that!
Nigeria has changed, but not that much, the leaders are still bad, the roads are even worse, people have become more cynical and everybody hates everybody else.
Sorry this is my first letter to you, will write you more. Go have your fun, but I guess you’d prefer to use today to help people. Whatever helps you sleep.


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