One of the reasons I wasn’t overly sad that Alex Ferguson had decided to call it a day in a game he had achieved so much, was for the singular fact that I felt finally Man United was going to get a coach who wasn’t so blind or who was keen to ignore a problem that had persisted for more than six seasons now in the United teams; the midfield.

I expected the next manager, be it Moyes or Mourinho to make beefing up the midfield his first port of call. True the team has bodies there, but the only reliable person United has in the midfield is Michael Carrick; the unsung hero, who had one of his best seasons in a Manchester United jersey last season. The rest are just dead weight. Anderson just refuses to shine bright, Cleverley is just another example of media hype; he just isn’t all that. Powell is still growing into the game, so it remains to be seen.

True we have been touted as having a fancy for Baines, which I thought was all media talk till it was reported that we had had a bid rejected. Seriously do we really need Baines? With Evra, Buttner and Fabio all vying for that position, why add another person to an already crowded list? And at 27, how much longer before we start looking for his replacement?

Moyes and his people should cast their attentions to securing the signatures of Strootman, Thiago and maybe a winger who knows how to cross and try putting to rest the Rooney saga. Baines is just a luxury we cannot afford.


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