The show was termed the holocaust the organizers and the teeming crowd that trickled into the derelict hall should have taken it literally as the show was anything but the bomb the organizers promised it will be.

The crowd were treated to very dry jokes by comedians who were trying their best to be funny and couldn’t be heard over the noise of the speaker that kept droning songs by an overzealous DJ. Been charged 1000 (for Gombe a huge amount) the crowd would have expected to be treated to the best of music and entertainment but everything that fateful evening fell flat, even the weather decided to add to what was an already messed up evening as it rained cats and dogs thus preventing anyone from making an early escape.

After suffering through weak and noisy performances from some wannabe emcees, Terry tha rapman; the first Nigerian musician to visit and perform in Gombe, got onto the stage in a jalabia no doubt, something that got many in the crowd thinking that they had been hoodwinked. He treated the enthusiastic crowd to his popular tunes like Beans and Boys are not smiling in a performance that lasted less than 5 minutes and like that was gone! Kim K anyone?! I mean 75% of the crowd came to see you and you couldn’t even humor them with 20 minutes of your time? It’s not like he had a plane to catch or something!

The only positives from the night were performances from  two Gombe based artistes; B-styl and Raypower’s Blue C. ImageImageImageImage



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