Love like you are never gonna get hurt, kiss like your life depends on it. Dance like the world ain’t watching.
Hold on even if it hurts your pride.
Never break any hearts, forgive those who break yours and pray they never feel that pain of loss.
Never give up hope, if it didn’t work out now, it might work out tomorrow, so keep trying.
Be nice, it doesn’t take much to smile, you don’t break a sweat when you laugh.
Be patient, many might not be as bold as you or as wise as you. Teach them.
Talk. Many people think talking is over rated, you’d surprised how much weight you lift off your shoulder by just talking.
Listen. Not only when they talk, even when they don’t. A lot of words are left unspoken, let your heart hear them.
Remember in relationships no word is wasted.
Remember all the pain you have felt, but never let em stop you from new experiences, instead let them guide you.
Cherish people you meet today, because you’ll never know what they’ll come to mean to you tomorrow.
Make mistakes, but never let them define you.
You see, life is a revolving circle and whatever you mete to a person today maybe meted out to you tomorrow. That is called karma.
Love, live, enjoy, because you only live once.



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