Moyes: fans react

world on my head

world on my head

After the match against Southampton on saturday, many Manchester United fans took to the net to air their thoughts. Here are some of them:

The truth is Moyes is out of his depth at MUFC and he knows it, and he doesn’t do himself any favors by second guessing himself! He called this crop of players champions and later said he needed world champions after our thrashing! People will point to the fact that Everton were an average team and he managed them just fine, but it’s no hidden fact that this present crop of United players are largely average. If he performed magic with EFC, what’s holding him back from doing the same at MUFC? FYI EFC are playing a world better than they did under Moyes. His countenance on the sideline do not even bode well for the team, the game against City showed him cowering like a chicken in the rain and that’s the figure the players are supposed to draw inspiration from?! Agreed the crop of players that were fielded yesterday could have won any match especially that one, but you could see they were all running below steam and it is the manager’s responsibility to boost the players’ confidence. Tough ask for Moyes. Moyes shot himself in the foot with his useless substitutions. His substitutions were cowardly to say the least and that’s just not a trait a manager should portray. I say shove him off, Giggs will do a better job.

Author: blacksocks
There is lot that has not gone to plan for United this season. And a lot of criticism directed at David Moyes, some of it justified. So I’ll try to cheer you all up with some positives!!!

Januzaj new contract

Our European form

Beating Liverpool in the league cup

There’s still plenty of time to turn things around

A win on Wednesday and United will have one boot in the second round of the Champions league. Try and stay positive United supporters, we’re not plastic fans, we’re better than that.

Author: Damian
I totally agree with King Cantona. Whether or not Rene could make it, I doubt anyone could do worse than DM right now. If Rene was picked earlier on, we would still have the back room staff.

At least having the familiar faces (back room staff) around would’ve helped with the transition. It’s true that players have to take some of the blame for the lacklustre performances, but who picks them and who motivates these players? Next we will be saying the players aren’t good enough.

Author: tony
look wake up we a in serious trouble .for get scousers and city games. we could not even beat west brom and southampton at home.the signs are there.moyes is fucking stubborn why did he not keep rene and the old back room staff to help him out.brainless sorry.we are paying the price

Author: Diego
In David We Trust says:
NBI – I called Moyed and his Yes man backroom staff outdated, and this would not surprise me, wrong appointment, and like I say, Moyes does not give a damn about the technical side of the game

During pre-season there was an interview with Jagielka (I think) were he said that the training with Martinez is completely different and that they do much more work with the ball and not just running. Well, looking at Everton now the difference is like night and day. They play entertaining stuff more often than not, which really couldn’t be said of Everton under Moyes (just ask the Everton fans).



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