How Do I Breathe?

‘Tell me how I am supposed to breathe with no air’ goes the line from the popular song. Indeed how do you breathe when the essence of what keeps you, what makes you tick ceases to exist?
Let me tell now you can’t! It’s close to impossible. Food loses its taste, days just go by without meaning, sleeps are haunted with memories and thoughts of what could have been, people go by like a blur, song that used to mean so much, now just chip away at fragment remains of your heart.
You smile because it is the normal thing to do, not because you want to, you dance just because dancing is better than letting your mind wander into thorn strewn memory lanes. You laugh only because, if you don’t people will ask why and you don’t need anybody probing into raw memories.
Your heart that once beat with the fast tempo of love, now pounds faintly, as slowly you drift towards the path of insanity.
Yes, maybe suicide is an option, for what is the reason for living if what is worth living for, isn’t yours to have no more.
Excitement becomes as scarce as foreign currency, happiness a faint feeling you used to know, but now pretend to feel.
Nothing makes sense anymore, what you thought would be, isn’t. The reality you felt, now lost like the dream that created them.
So tell me again, how I am supposed to breathe, when the one person I live for, is loving somebody else. DAMN!!



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