A Muslim’s cry after Angola bans Islam.

Days ago news emerged that Angola had banned Islam and had gone on to demolish mosques and declare the religion as illegal. My first thoughts were: ‘what would become of the muslim faithful in the country?’ My second thoughts were: ‘is it even possible to ban a religion?!’
I don’t know much about Angola but there ought to be a considerable amount of Muslims down there, isn’t this against their fundamental human rights? What’s going to be their reactions?

Well I have here a reaction from a muslim, albeit one in Nigeria here:

Princess Nana November 25, 2013 at
10:55 PM
How can ppl be soo mean, wicked and
malicious by saying it’s d best tg to do .
Tht tht’s d ryt step in banning and
stopping terrorism. And u christian folks would be the one to start preaching and criticizing we muslims and jst recall ur comments..They drove me to tears.
1. ISLAM is perfect and the most
Peaceful Religion; MUSLIMs aren’t. So don’t get CONFUSED.
2. We are all humans inrespective of our dif religions and we have killers, preachers, bankers, mothers, doctors etc within our environment, dif religions and Cultures. So if some people decided to cover up under a particular religion to carry out evil tht means u shld criticize the entire religion??? If a million pastors
rape, kill and use some of their
congregation for spiritual powers, does tht mean we hv d guts to call christians names, criticize and curse them???
None of You who have d sense of
reasoning shld hv make tht comment if he/she is sensible enough.
The attack tht happned sm months back @ a Yobe state higher institution whereby many students (Boys) where killed, butchered and injured; DO U KNW THAT
the names of those students mentioned, I didn’t hear of any christian been involved
in tht incident. And it’s said tht they were BH people.
Even in indian where there are
paskistanis/ kashmirs …whn d muslim indians (mostly paskitanins) go to US and bear their muslim names..1hn attacks happn, FBI raid the muslim indians and torture them, some to death, others until
thy confess for wht thy knw nothing abt.
Why? All b’cuz thy are Muslims.
Suffering for some anonymuous peoples sins. And whn thy find out tht those Lot are innocent, thy just say “It’s a Mistake” and let them go jst like tht. Do u knw wht thy went through??? NOO! And still yet, Indians believe in themselves and
love one another .
ISLAM has always been a PEACEFUL
RELIGION. And it shall forever remain
so. It’s we humans tht need to cleans ourselves. Dnt judge and say what u knw nothing of to avoid the wrath of God.
As for ANGOLA….May Allah be the
JUDGE (as always).
Why can’t ppl even use their common sense and think tht jst on LIB where ppl insult and say negative tgs about islams and muslim Libbers jst keep. Quit and
defend in silence to avoid trouble. Isn’t tht enough reason to tell u those tht do so knw the meaning of ISLAM and respects it.

*MUSLIMS AREN’T (no one is, even
christians or Jews)

Though this person fails indeed to deliver a concrete reason for what makes Islam a peaceful religion. I would love for good meaning, peaceful muslim the world over to start to sow the seed of understanding and cordial relationship with everyone around them. Because irrespective of what they (muslim) know, what the world thinks when it thinks of muslims is terrorism and that’s not good.



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