my take on the assasination attack on Ms Stella Oduah’s car.

When news broke that the Minister for aviation Ms Stella Oduah, had procured two armored vehicles to the tune of N224 million, all hell broke loose! Her defense was that she needed the car for her protection and that of foreign visitors.
Barely two weeks later she was globe trotting with Mr President, after which they put up a show of trying her for her ‘crimes’; proceedings which were later suspended till further notice.

Well there is another twist to this never ending story. Recently a car belonging to Ms Stella Oduah was attacked by ‘unknown’ gun men (as usual, all gun crimes in Nigeria are perpetrated by unknown gun men), fortunately the Minister wasn’t in the car.

My take? Scam!! An attempt by Stella and her people to throw people’s scent away from her trail. An attempted cover up of a gruesome crime. In a country where the rich are getting richer at the detriment of the poor masses, where millions are carted away and nobody moves a muscle. Not anymore abeg! N224 million for a car? That car better drive itself to heaven and be impervious to bombs! Stella must pay for her crimes, so all those alaye she hired to shoot at an empty have just wasted their time.
In Ghana a government officials lost her job because she was caught on tape talking about making money while in government and Nigeria here we encourage them! And we wonder what’s wrong with us?



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