There are many bible verses that talk about the need to sow seeds; tithes as so many of us know it.
There is no disputing the need to sow a seed or pay tithe as it is the dictates of the holy book; the bible.
2 corinthians 9:7 says you must give as your heart decides without force but of your own free will. Proverbs 11:24 talks about the consequence of not paying tithes. Malachi 3:10 talks about the rewards of paying your tithes. Matthew 12:41-44 talks about the benefits of paying tithes; giving that which is most dear to you.
There are a more than a dozen verses that talk about the benefits, consequence of paying tithes. You only have to search to find them.

But I think some churches and Christians are taking it to the extreme, forgetting the true essence of the act! I read this morning about a pastor who used his recent incarceration as a money making venture in his church. I am not judging, I am no god, that is His most high’s job, not mine. But some things from the report by Sahara reporters had me seething with rage! You, no matter who you are, have no right to dictate to the people of God how much they should pay as tithe. I have been to churches where when they call for payment of tithes, people walk with the gait of drug barons to the altar, just so they can prove they are regular tithe payers. Sadly tithe paying in Nigeria has become a competition; a show of affluence and regularity of payment. Sad stuff.
A man pays 150,000 as tithe, meanwhile the day before he asked a widowed woman and her kids to leave his house because they could only afford 80,000 of the 100,000 house rent. Sister Bose with her 90,000 weave on just paid a tithe of 50,000 from the money she got sleeping with Mama Emeka’s husband. Brother Kenneth just paid a huge tithe meanwhile he has still not sent the 30,000 for his mother’s arthritis treatment.
You get where I am going with this? Our priorities are misplaced, paying tithes in church is not a must! Show me a verse of the bible that says if you don’t pay your tithe in church bad things will happen to you (fyi I have heard that threat in a church of God). Somebody please show me that verse, because the modern day church has used fear and threats to continually swindle its members.
You should know that being Christian is a state of being; being Christ like. Living life like Christ.
Christ called our body a church, that means every human being is an embodiment of Christ, so we should treat everybody as we should have Christ treat us.
The church; that edifice you worship in, is just it, a building, nothing more, nothing less. You are the real church!
So when you save up a percentage of your salary to donate in the church while there are loads of people around you could help with that money, I am sorry I fail to see how that is a good thing.
Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. I am sorry for years we have been giving to Caesar what is God’s.
Help the poor in our society, stop the show of affluence. God knows your heart, if you took a portion of your salary and gave to that poor family living next to you, nobody can judge you even the Pastor/Priest. I am sorry giving N50 to Adamu who is sitting in the corner doesn’t count, if you could have given him more.
Let’s stop deceiving ourselves, because we can’t deceive God.
I wish more people would listen to Jefferson Bethke’s ‘why I hate religion’, it was a wild awakening for me.



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