I dreaded this moment; turning thirty! I remember when I was a lot younger, I had my fairy tale life mapped out. It all seemed perfect, but unfortunately it hasn’t panned out yet.
So you gotta understand why I was dreading turning 30! I hadn’t achieved anything, I mean if I died today, I’d probably be mourned for 6 months tops (and that’s by my family) and I will be forgotten! I haven’t left any legacy yet. I haven’t published any books yet, haven’t made that movie yet, I haven’t become famous! I am just a blip in reality.
I was scared sh*tless! I mean I am old as hell, like I am thirty!!! Like I am so old I could be somebody’s father!!! Damn!!!!
Now people will be looking at me like: ‘man when are you getting married?’ And there is no more hiding behind the ‘I am still young’ excuse or can I?
Someone told me over the weekend, ‘no pressure’ and I had to reexamine my life and look at it from another angle. I haven’t become rich and famous but I have made progress!
I know 30 year olds who don’t have jobs yet, I do (even if it is dead end). I know thirty year olds who have strayed far from their destiny, I am on the path of greatness. I know thirty year olds who are terminally ill, I am fit as a horse. There thirty year olds who do not have anybody, I have my family and friends and I have you, I have this. I have attended many burials, many of them did not make 30 (bless their souls), I am here today not by my own doing but His grace.
I am alive to see 30 not because I am the best but because God thinks I deserve a chance at life! So as I turn 30 today, it is that chance that I have decided to grab with both hands and make the best of!
I don’t turn 30 everyday, so I know today is a turning point in my life. It’s a fresh dawn, so expect better things from me.




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