When I write.

When I write it is like I am transferred to another world I have created with my own hands.
Others have drinks, drugs, women and bands.
All I got is my thoughts. With it I create a world without spots.
When I get sad or lonely,
I can always fall to my thoughts and mind only.
When I write, it’s like a release,
something I can do with ease.
When I write, I bring my sadness, failures and faults to bear.
Something nothing can cure or push away even beer.
When I write, especially something inspired,
It gives me an exhilarated feeling, like I am wired.
When I write, the real world just fades to the background.
And I get the chance to turn the world around;
Even for a second.
When I write history is rewritten in my words,
Carved by my heart’s own fords.
When I write I get lost in a world I have created,
Where dreams and reality cannot be separated.
When I write, it is the best feeling in the world.
When I write.



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